Easy Ways to Get Rid of Warts on the Bottom of the Foot

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Warts are common skin developments that occur due to an infection. HPV usually causes these warts, but they can also appear from an infection from a cut. Plus, people with diabetes are also at risk of developing warts.

Therefore, it is important to treat them in the early stage. There are multiple types of warts like normal, plantar, level, filiform, and periungual warts. The normal ones appear on the hands and have a very dark color.

While the plantar warts are the one that appear on the feet and are painful. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on treating plantar warts.

How to Treat Warts

Here is what you can do to prevent warts or treat them.

1. Keep Your Feet Safe

Try to always clean and disinfect a wound to avoid any infection. Furthermore, warts can appear from exhaustion as well, so make sure to get enough rest. If you want, you can also try to consume vitamin C. Focus on a healthy diet and consume turmeric and zinc.

They are known for keeping the body healthy and detoxified.

2. Stop the Infection

Warts can be transferred from a person to a person. Therefore, you need to keep your hands clean if you came in contact with an infected area. This is a crucial step to avoid getting any warts. So, stop the infection from spreading and cover the affected area with a bandage.

3. Use Vitamins

Consuming vitamin C can help, but applying it to the infected area can have even better effects. So, grind up one tablet of vitamin C and blend it in some water to create a thick paste. Use this paste on the affected area and cover with a bandage.

Also, you can use vitamin E tablets directly on the wart and cover the area with a bandage.

4. Honey

Honey is a potent remedy that can help treat various health issues. But, it can also help treat warts. To use it, simply apply some honey to the affected area and cover the spot with a bandage. Let it rest for the night and remove the bandage.

Repeat the procedure until the wart is gone.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has potent health benefits. Therefore, it can help treat warts of all types. However, some skin types may be more sensitive than others when you are using the apple cider vinegar, so use it with care.

To apply it, put some ACV on a cotton ball and carefully dab on the affected area. Lastly, cover it with a bandage to avoid spreading the infection. Let it rest during the night and repeat the process the next day.

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6. Aloe Vera Gel

Ale gel is great for the skin. To treat warts, apply the aloe directly onto the skin and wait for it to heal the area. However, for this to work, you will have to purchase the purest aloe gel you can find.  Otherwise, it won’t have the same effect.

7. Use Aspirin

This is a handy remedy. Crush the tablet and add a bit of water to make a glue paste. Apply it to the affected area and cover the spot with a bandage. Let it rest overnight and repeat the same process the next morning.

8. Baking Powder

Baking powder has some amazing healing properties. But, if you combine it with castor oil, it can help treat warts. So, mix one tablespoon of baking powder with one tablespoon of castor oil. Mix well until you get a paste and apply it to the wart.

Cover it with a bandage and let it rest. Keep repeating the process until the wart is completely gone.

9. Pineapple

This tasty fruit is more powerful than you think. To treat warts, apply the crisp pineapple directly on the wart 3 times per day. This way all the acids in the product will destroy the bacteria and germs that are in the wart. As a result, it will stop the wart from growing, especially on the bottom of the foot.

10. Use Garlic

Garlic is a popular remedy, and with good reason. To use it on warts, blend some of it with a bit of water to create a sticky paste. Apply the paste to the affected area and cover it with a bandage. To double the effect of this remedy, apply some fresh garlic juice on the bottom of the foot.

Keep repeating the process until the warts are completely gone.

11. Tea Tree Oil

This oil has potent antibacterial properties. As such, it can be an effective remedy for removing the bacteria. Plus, it is known for treating various skin conditions. To use it, apply it directly to the affected area and wrap the foot.

Let the oil rest and repeat the process every day until the warts are completely gone.

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