Life Advice From a 104-year-old Japanese Doctor

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Shigeaki Hinohara is a 104-year-old Japanese doctor who has lived for more than a century. He has seen more than most of us ever could, and he has learned something that no book can teach us. He was born in 1911 and worked as an educator and a clinician.

Also, he wrote 150 books one of which was the most popular printer work: “Living Long, Living Good”. As the founder of the “New Elderly Movement”, he has decided to present to the people one of the most valuable pieces of advice.

Here is what Dr. Hinohara claims that will help us live longer and happier.

1. Don’t Depend on Science to Cure

According to Dr. Hinohara, every person is a unique individual. Therefore, not all medications and treatments can work for everyone.

2. Stay Fit

Every morning, Dr. Hinohara consumes orange juice, a tablespoon of olive oil, and coffee for breakfast. For lunch, he usually eats cookies and milk. But, for dinner, he usually consumes vegetables, rice, and fish. Furthermore, twice per week he consumes 100g of lean meat.

4. Take the Stairs

Always take the stairs and carry your own bags. This way, you will be able to keep your muscles active and functioning.

5. Don’t Believe Everything Your Doctor Says

Do not solely rely on the advice of your doctor. Instead, explore the possibility yourself and try to learn if his or her proposal is the best solution.

6. Be Inspired

It is important always to look forward and find inspiration in even the smallest things. This way you will always be motivated to live your life.

7. Don’t Obsess Over Money

Of course, it is normal to work to satisfy the daily needs. But, the moment our life ends, we take none of those materialistic possessions that we used to own. They will mean nothing to us.

8. Plan Things

Try to always keep a busy schedule with tasks, appointments, events, so that you will be more successful in life. Dr. Hinohara says that he even plans to attend the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

9. Share Knowledge

Try to teach other people what you know. Especially if you have knowledge that can make a change. Dr. Hinohara gives 150 lectures in businesses, communities, schools. This way he keeps telling his story and speaks out to people about war and the importance of peace.

Moreover, he advises the younger generation to live a healthy and a long life. On top of that, he can even keep standing for 90 minutes at 104 years without the need to sit down.

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10. Soothe Pain Differently

The best way to soothe pain is to have fun. Listen to some music or spend time with your pets.

11. Find a Role Model

The best way to improve life is always to have a role model. For Dr. Hinohara, his model is his father. So, whenever Dr. Hinohara faces a difficult time, he asks himself what his father would do in the same situation.

10. Be Positive and Happy

Boost your energy by being positive and full of happiness. However, you won’t get the energy you need by sleeping the entire day. Instead, try to be more like a child. Have fun, play around, and enjoy your time. In addition, you won’t crave food, and you will have all the energy you need.

12. Don’t Worry

Life is full of incidents and unpredictable things, so don’t worry that much. When the communist Red Army hijacked the doctor at the age of 59, he had to spend 4 days in immense heat handcuffed to a chair. He still wonders how his body was able to adapt to the deprivation and slow down.

13. Enjoy Life

Dr. Hinohara works 18h per day. Every day he dedicates his life to volunteering and serving society. As a result, he can enjoy every minute of his life.

14. No Need to Retire

You don’t have to retire when you get old. Instead, you should love the work you do and stay in shape.

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