Why We Tend to Gain More Weight Than Our Ancestors

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How did we get this fat? Well, it is quite simple. We eat too many unhealthy foods, and we exercise too little. According to experts, this generation is more lazy, gluttonous and slothful than any previous generation.

In addition, we eat whenever we like and as much as we like. Whereas in the past, the people who had a huge appetite would either die or be exceptionally weaker during winter. In the past, it was more difficult to acquire food if you didn’t produce your own.

Therefore, people relied on storing their supplies throughout the winter. But today, you can eat anything at any time. As a result, we are more greedy and eat as much as we desire. After all, food is available to purchase everywhere.

Not to even mention that most food is cheap. To achieve this goal, the government after the end of World War Two, decided that it would be in the peoples best interest never to repeat the specter of hunger.

As a result, they launched an agricultural revolution that would drastically increase the yields, which in the end inspired farmers to make more profit. The reason for this was because 100 years ago, food was very expensive.

It took 70% of the average income to buy it. In addition, the government implemented these changes that helped drop the prices of food since the 1950s and made it available to every home. Including the price of alcohol.

After women entered the workplace, foods had to be simple and fast to prepare. Thus, the baked goods, fish fingers and easy to prepare foods became a sensation.

What About Sugar and Fat?

Our grandparents and ancestors consumed sugar and fat in many dishes, but they didn’t get nearly as fat as us. Why is that? Well, meats did contain a huge amount of fat, and grannies made lots of cake and chocolate puddings, but those calories were not chemically processed.

Ancestors have consumed fat for thousands of years, and it is important for our energy. However, it is important to know what you eat and how much you eat it. After all, people back then couldn’t eat kilos of meat alone.

Instead, they had to store it for the entire family. But, today, you can get jumbo- burgers that are as big as a table and eat it alone. That was unimaginable back in the day.

Factors that Affect Our Health and Weight Gain

Here are some of the biggest and most important factors that contribute to weight gain.

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The Environment

Eating only ‘healthy’ food is not enough for a healthy body. Instead, you need to know where it grew and how it was taken care of. Besides, today’s environment is immensely different from the time of our ancestors.

The perfect examples are the pesticides, BPA, PCBs, triclosan, fire retardants, and phthalates. After all, they are a part of every home. Moreover, these harmful ingredients can be harmful to the hormone estrogen, which in turn can cause weight gain.

Prescription Drugs

Drugs may be healthy and beneficial, but taking too many of them can be harmful. After all, our ancestors never relied on drugs to get them through the day. For example, taking supplements in the form of vitamins.

In the end, these supplements can cause weight gain, low calcium, inadequate amount of sleep, higher maternal age, and even reduction of ambient temperature. Besides, they can cause various side effects, which serves as a proof of how dangerous they really are.

Moreover, according to experts, more than 25% of people who take antidepressants can gain an extra 10 pounds or even more.

The Quality of the Food

The quality of the food has endured a massive change throughout the ages. Today, we have more processed food filled with preservatives and additives which didn’t exist 50 years ago. Furthermore, GMO foods full of pesticides are rampant.

No wonder why we get fatter and sicker by the day.

Such an example is the fungicide, ingredients found in many crops, more precisely, the leafy greens. This ingredient can cause obesity. According to an animal study on mice, the ones that received an injection of triflumizole gave birth to babies prone to obesity.

The Holiday Weight We Gain and Never Get Rid Of

When the holidays start, we eat as much as we can. But, the bad thing is, we never get rid of that excess fat. Even though we try to make this period seem like it will be over after the fasting ends, it actually becomes a habit and stays for a longer period.

As a result, it is easy to see where this problem begins. Therefore, you shouldn’t be focusing to lose weight only for summer. Instead, you should choose to eat healthy at all times. This is the only way to live healthily and lose weight without wasting any money.

In addition, you should exercise more and stay active while those Holidays are ongoing.

Low-Fat Products Created More Problems

Because people back in the 1970s considered fat as the major enemy, the companies started producing more low-fat processed foods. Even if these products seem healthy, in reality, they can cause some major problems in the body.

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Processed low-fat foods may taste good, but there isn’t a single natural, healthy thing in them. Many of them contain sugars, which in turn causes the body to convert them and store as fat. So, stay away from processed foods.

We Eat More Vegetable Oil Then Ever

Many healthy and useful foods were replaced by cheap ones, and vegetable oil is the perfect example. Most of the vegetable oil comes from processed foods along with processed oils. So, by adding this type of oil to food can increase the number of calories and make us eat more.

Therefore, try to avoid highly processed bread, oils or any food that contains too many chemicals.

Processed Food is Cheaper

Yes. It is much easier to get processed food. In 2007, the food prices raised from 19%-47%. As a result, people switched to cheaper and easier foods to save money. In the end, they all got used to consuming this kind of food.

But, the reason why these foods were so cheap, was because producers used unhealthy and cheap ingredients. Such an example is the corn syrup that contains too much fructose and a number of sat fats.

As a result, people started gaining weight easier and faster.

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