Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? Check Out the Signs

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A lot of people are addicted to sugar and find themselves craving for something sweet every day. Some of the most severe diseases linked to sugar are diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, even adrenal fatigue.

The largest sources of sugar are soft drinks, candies, cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, fruit drinks. Since sugar is bad for your health, you should pay attention to the signs your body sends you.

Too Much Sugar

1. Constant Hunger

The high blood sugar does not let the glucose to enter the cells. Due to that, your body does not get energy and craves for more and more food. That is why you should take satiated foods that will not cause food cravings.

2. Fatigue

This is one of the biggest signs that you have excessive amounts of sugar in your system. When you take sugary foods, they give you an instant energy boost that comes down very soon. Your body does not receive the necessary energy.

3. You Frequently Get Cold or Flu

Having sugar in your body more than you should, will make you ill more often. Too much sugar intake weakens the immune system which makes your body unable to fight colds, viruses, as well as chronic diseases.

4. Dermatological Issues

Sugar causes inflammation in your body, or can even flare-up the skin problems. So, if you suffer from eczema, rosacea, dry or oily skin, that may be due to exceeding sugar. Also, those dark circles around your eyes are a result of tiredness caused by too much sugar.

According to Dr. Greene, sugar may also cause plantar fasciitis on your feet that may result in pain and tick tissue on your heels.

5. Your Teeth Suffer

It is true that sugar is bad for your teeth. Sugar goes to your teeth’s nooks and crannies where it rots away the enamel and results in aching dental issues. Also, sugar is the reason for white layers on your teeth.

6. Diabetes and Weight Gain

Not only, sugar can make you gain weight, but also will lead to increasing the risk of getting diabetes type 2. If you notice any symptoms of constant hunger or thirstiness, you should consult with your doctor.

7. Unhealthy Weight Loss

Frequent urination leads to fluid and calorie loss which contributes to losing weight. Likewise, you lose weight if the insulin is not enough for glucose metabolism, the body burns fats.

8. Depression and Anxiety

Besides the physical signs, you may have mental signs of too much sugar in your body. People who are addicted to sugar may feel the same symptoms as people who are depressed. Also, anxiety may be a result of excessive sugar intake, so you may consider changing your food habits.

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9. You Cannot Concentrate Easily

Glucose cannot enter your brain cells due to too much sugar. This causes difficulties to your brain in acquiring energy. So, this has an impact on the speed of thinking and making decisions.

10. Unclear Vision

As a result of high blood pressure that causes dehydration, your eye cells are affected. This causes eye deformation which leads to loss of the ability to get focused.

11. Your Wounds Need More Time to Heal

Vascular damage caused by exaggerated sugar intake affects the blood circulation, and tissues do not get sufficient nutrition.

12. Impotence

High amounts of sugar in your blood the nerves, blood flow, and hormones which lead to an inability to maintain an erection.

After all, if you want to stop being addicted to sugar, you need to take healthy foods such as sweet potatoes and fruits instead of candies, soft drinks, etc., and once you do this, you will notice the difference. Anyway, you need to consult your doctor before taking any measures.

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