Why You Should Drink Water Before Your Morning Coffee

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Most of the world’s population loves to wake up to the smell of coffee, and most people start their day with a cup of their favorite coffee.

Recently many studies have shown the benefits of consuming coffee on a daily basis. However, everything cannot be perfect, right?

Drinking coffee also comes with negative side effects especially if coffee is the first thing you consume early in the morning.

Over time the damaging effect accumulates and can lead to health problems in the future.

If you are one of the many that love to drink coffee in the morning, you do not have to worry, you can still drink your coffee. But you can only do that if previously you drink plenty of water. So, water first, coffee second.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Consume Water Before Coffee

1. Water Kicks Your Body’s Functions

In the morning, our bodies are in elimination mode, consuming water helps in the elimination process by boosting your body’s functions. Drinking water can help you feel energized and ready for the upcoming challenges that day.

Another alternative is to squeeze lemon in your water. This drink can stimulate your liver to produce bile that cleanses the urinary tract and helps in digestion.

2. Hydration Is Essential

You need to know that the body gets dehydrated after fasting all night and coffee act as a diuretic.

Which means that coffee stimulates the kidneys in order to excrete sodium in the urine. And when this happens your body dehydrates even more because when the diuretics flush away the sodium at the same time the body flushes away water.

Your brain contains 75 percent water which means that you need to drink water first thing in the morning because is beneficial for your brain. Drinking water can help you start your day feeling clear-headed and focused, which is crucial in order to have a productive and successful day.

3. Coffee Can Lead to Mineral Deficiency, Digestive Problems and More

Coffee contains compounds that may irritate your stomach lining, and it is also highly acidic. When you consume coffee, your stomach makes great amounts HCI, i.e., hydrochloric acid.

This is worse if you consume coffee on an empty stomach. You need to know that your body has limited ability to produce hydrochloric acid (HCI) and by consuming coffee on a regular basis, you kick it into overdrive.

This might result in low stomach acid and problems such as mineral deficiency, digestive issues and more. To minimize this damage, you need to drink water before you have your coffee.

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4. Water Quench Your Thirst

Most people have coffee because they feel thirsty, and what they should be drinking is water. Consuming water first thing in the morning will help you to quench your thirst, and you will be sure that you won’t need another large latte half an hour later.

How Much Should You Drink?

If you usually do not drink a lot of water at first, it may be difficult to drink more than 2 glasses. But the first step is always the hardest, right?

First, you can begin with one glass and with time you will be able to consume 500 milliliters and even 1 liter. Yes, all of that before your coffee.

The easiest habits are always the hardest to implement. Consuming sufficient amount of water before your coffee can help you avoid the certain health problems and at the same time, you will begin your day with a positive attitude.

Many habits are good to adopt in order to improve your health, but this habit from all possible habits comes first.

Benefits from Drinking Water

More Energy

Water is essential for everything in life. The cells need water in order to eliminate toxins. Remember the more water you consume, the more junk you will eliminate from your body.

At the same time, you will feel better. If you feel good, you will have more energy.

More Clarity

Water helps you to feel and think better. It is said that if you want to wake up your body, you need to drink water. According to some scientists, water can help you ease your headache. So next time you experience a headache, drink 3 glasses of water instead of reaching for the pills.

More Hydrated

Once you start including water on a daily basis, it is very likely that it will turn into a habit. The more you drink, the more you will feel the need to drink water. Water can purify your body and once you feel that you will want it again. It can really make you feel fresh and healthy.

Also, you will be able to notice when you won’t be hydrated and have increased need of water.

If you want to improve your health, this habit should be first on your list.

Good luck and bottoms up.

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