This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Start a Diet

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Do you feel constantly hungry while you are on a diet, but you can’t figure out why? Well, this is the most common problem people face daily. The reason behind this is the mental and physical state of the body.

This is a phenomenon that takes over our bodies, which we can’t completely understand. Therefore, we try to find out why our brain can’t beat this situation and constantly makes us reject a certain diet.

When the brain functions under a certain habit which, you, for example, have followed your entire life, with the new changes you are trying to implement, the brain goes into an overdrive. As a result, the brain can’t get used to the new foods you consume.

How Do You Break the Cycle?

More than 45 million Americans are on a diet every year. However, most of them fail and stop their new plans before they get any results. According to the author of ”The Hungry Brain”, Stephan Guyenet, the brain gets surprised when you implement a new habit.

Therefore, it regulates all the functions in the body and it can force it to fight against the new diet. So, before you even realize, your body starts rejecting the new weight loss plan and forces it to want more food and survive.

In the end, the brain gets confused and doesn’t distinguish right from wrong, especially if you haven’t eaten healthy food for a long time. As a result, the brain recognizes this situation as a potentially dangerous and wants to return the old habits.

However, to beat this process, you have to be extremely determined. You will have to focus on your diet and balance your meals. But, you must never starve the body from any important nutrients if you want excellent results.

The Body Fat Is Important Too

Something similar starts happening in your brain when you have a lot of body fat. It tries to measure the fat with leptin and secretes a hormone in the bloodstream. The more it secretes, the more fat you store in your body.

This is the famous hunger hormone. In addition, your brain will defend the body temperature and weight that it is used to, so you will have trouble starting with your diet. So, when you lose weight, the level of leptin in the bloodstream decreases as well.

As a result, your brain will fight to get the fat back and even have opposite effects, which in turn will make you return the weight you recently lost.

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How to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, you will have to make your body feel comfortable, claims Stephan Guyenet. So, eating less is not the key. Instead, you should focus on simple foods that are unrefined and tasty.

Therefore, avoid frying your food, do more exercises, avoid stressful situations, and sleep more. As simple as it sounds, sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of losing weight. Finally, if you want to slim down, make sure to lead a healthy life with healthy behaviors.

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