How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic for Washing Your Face

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Apple cider vinegar is known for its natural healing properties. Not only is it good for the body, but it can also be great for the skin. ACV is a natural astringent which can make your skin feel silky, reduce the lines and absorb the excess oil.

The way this works is by restoring beta-carotene levels to the skin along with the pH levels. As a result, ACV can make the skin resistant to any damage in the future. However, if you want to use it as a tonic for the face, you have to get a diluted apple cider vinegar.

But, before we tell you the recipe to make your own ACV tonic, we would like to talk about why you should wash your face with it.

Reasons to Wash the Face with ACV

Many of the products used for washing the face contain dyes, chemicals, and fragrances which can be harmful to the skin. Plus, they can even make the skin look rough and tired. Therefore, you should turn to a more natural solution to nourish your skin.

Use apple cider vinegar as a tonic, but don’t apply it directly on the skin, it might burn. So, dilute it in 50% water with 50% ACV, this way you can avoid hurting your skin. But, before you use the tonic on your face, dap some of the mixtures onto your arm to see how it will affect the skin.

There are very rare cases of skin irritation and sensitivity to the vinegar. Therefore, you need to be careful. However, it is not all bad. Apple cider vinegar can help reduce age spots because it contains acids called alpha hydroxyl, which can help remove dead skin.

Another reason you can use ACV is that it might be helpful for removing blemishes, acne, and pimples. The malic acid forms make this tonic a powerful antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral substance.

Furthermore, the apple cider vinegar can reduce wrinkles and even remove toxins from the skin. In the end, your skin will look shiny and youthful.

How to Make ACV Tonic

Here is how you can make this tonic for washing the face at home before you go to sleep. For it, you will need 100ml of water, 3 drops of your favorite essential oil and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

Put the mixture in a bottle and shake the bottle before you apply it on a cotton pad. Next, use the mixture on your face. In the end, you can feel refreshed and your skin might feel nourished, toned and elastic.

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Moreover, you can use this tonic for your feet as well if you want to smooth out the rough edges. But, be careful not to put too much of this tonic in the bottle if you want it to stay effective. After some time its effect will evaporate and it will be useless.

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Source: World Health Gate | Natural Living Ideas | Doctor Oz

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