3 Simple Tricks to Unclog Your Sinuses at Home

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A sore throat, a stuffy nose, and pain around the eyes and face are the most common signal for a sinus infection. This infection happens when a bacteria stacked inside the sinuses blocks them with mucus. As a result, the pain occurs.

Even though there is no way to completely get rid of a sinus infection, the next time you get the flu, try the following tricks which might prove useful. Plus, there is no need for you to go to the doctor, all you have to do is massage certain points of your face to get the essential benefits.

Here are a few simple tricks you can try at home today.

1. Use Pressure on Your Eyebrows

This technique might prove useful for the upper sinuses and the nose. According to a massage therapist, Amber Lynn Vitale, you can do this by using only your fingers across your face.

Moreover, you have to pay attention to the key spots, especially around the eyebrows if you want to have some relief. This means that you can’t skip steps. To start, you will need to put your head on the elbows and put the fingers on each eyebrow.

Start from the end of each eyebrow and use some pressure by sliding your fingers across the middle of every eyebrow. Keep massaging the same spot until the pain goes away. However, you have to keep the pressure at all times while the massage lasts.

Try to do the massage in a circular movement on each side so that you can improve the flow of the fluid through the sinuses and nose.

2. Try a Mini-Massage

With a simple massage, you can reduce the level of stress and muscle pain. Therefore, you can use the same method for the sinuses as well. Start with acupressure while the sinus infection is ongoing.

Massage the notch of the collarbone with pressure to increase the drainage and relieve pain.

With proper acupressure, you can force the mucus to flow out of the cavities and empty the nostrils. Next, you will have to place your hands in a V-shape across the side of your neck. This massage can help your lymphatic system and drain the sinuses.

For a more detailed guide, watch the video below.

3. The Tongue Might Help with Sinuses

If you want to unclog your nose and treat the sinus problems, try this trick. Place the tongue against the roof of the mouth in a flat position. While you are holding your tongue in that position, put the finger on the skin between the eyebrows.

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Massage the area for 20 seconds and feel how it has affected your body.

As a result, the mucus will start to move through the throat and exit the body. According to Dr. Joseph M. Helms, the president of Helms Medical Institute, the massaged point between the two eyebrows can have a significantly positive effect for treating a sinus infection.

Keep the Sinuses Active

With these tips, maybe you will be inspired to try to treat the sinus infection with a little massage instead on relying on medicine. No matter whether your sinuses are blocked or stuffed, you can still find a natural way to remove the problem.

Plus, it might prove quite efficient, especially for clearing out all the fluid inside the nostrils.

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