Use Baking Soda Instead of Shampoo and Get Incredible Results!

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Every household keeps baking soda because of its many different purposes. It is used for cleaning dirty surfaces and cooking, also as a remedy for many health problems.

However, there is another interesting benefit from baking soda. It improves your hair quality and removes the leftovers of shampoos and conditioners, and it gets you a shiny hair.

You can even utilize baking soda instead of shampoo. If you want to prepare your homemade hair cleaner or just want to stay away from chemicals in shampoos, we are going to help you.

Continue reading and learn how to make a natural homemade shampoo that will give you astonishing effect. This homemade shampoo does not create foam as other bought shampoos, that is not a problem. The effects are great, and you will love it.

How to prepare it?

First, you need to take one small bottle. Then, mix baking soda and water in a proportion of 1:3. How much of the ingredients will you use, it depends on how long your hair is.

If you have a long hair, you should use three tbsps. of baking soda and nine tbsps. of water. When you are ready, put the shampoo on your roots and go to the hair ends. Give it a few minutes to take effect and then wash it off with warm water.

After this, you should wash your hair one more time, but with apple cider vinegar. How to do it? Just mix ACV with water in proportions of 1:4, and you can add essential oil if you want to. Lean your head towards the back, to prevent the remedy get in touch with your eyes.

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Just a note: You can make your apple cider vinegar remedy after you wash your hair with the baking soda shampoo, or you can do it before.

You can notice the effects immediately after the first treatment. Eventually, you will notice your hair growing much faster and getting much better quality.

Get Rid of Oily and Smelly Hair

People who have oily hair have problems because it is smelly. When your hair is oily, it takes up more pollutants and smells.

However, the baking soda is here to fix this issue by lowering the oiliness and neutralizing those funny smells. Also, it protects your skin, keeps it healthy, and balances its pH levels.

Get Rid of Dandruff

You all know that it is not easy to get rid of dandruff, but nobody said it is impossible. If you take care of your hair regularly and suitably, you will remove dandruff.

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Using baking soda will help you deal with the flakes and clean your scalp. Also, your scalp pH levels will be balanced, so generally your skin will be healthier.

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