6 Dirty Foods You Are Eating Every Day Without Even Knowing

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Whether it is salmonella in grounded turkey, E. coli in sprouts, or listeria in cantaloupes, it seems that all the food we eat is filled with harmful bacteria. The reason for this is the lack of legitimate food testing and proper hygiene in some factories.

And since the government doesn’t implement some proper programs to solve this problem, it leaves the safety up to us. So, to stay healthy, the average consumer should know what they are purchasing and where the products come from.

Sometimes, reading the labels is not enough. So, how can you avoid all the bacteria lurking around? Well, here are a few dirty foods that you should know about.

1. Ground Beef

According to research, more than 18.5% of samples from ground beef had salmonella pathogens. In addition, this beef might have caused some cases of E. coli and hemolytic uremic syndrome. As such, it can be very dangerous for the overall health.

Due to this incident in the U.S, authorities launched the second largest recall of beef in history. But, how can you choose the right ground beef? Well, you have to look for beef that only fed on grass.

In addition, the meat will contain fewer bacteria. So, to cook it, you will have to use 165°F to remove the bacteria. However, make sure to handle this meat carefully since it is softer and can easily burn if not prepared with the right methods.

Also, you can spice it up with some cranberry or oregano to decrease the effects of the pathogens.

2. Eggs

Even though the chicken is much dirtier than the eggs, you still have to keep them in the right place to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Besides, salmonella still serves as a concern for many people. Since there are some cases due to food poisoning from eggs, you should try to purchase eggs from a farmer that properly feeds the chicken with real food and not hormones.

Most of the time, restaurants use pooled eggs which can increase the chance of developing Salmonella. But how can you choose the right eggs? Well, look on the carton and try to find the word ‘’pasteurized’’ and the expiration date.

Also, when you open the carton, make sure that the eggs are not cracked because germs can enter the eggs after pasteurization. To keep the eggs fresh, try keeping them in their carton and avoid storing them in the fridge.

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3. Prepackaged Lettuce

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, packaged lettuce was the reason behind various outbreaks of food poisoning from burgers in 1990 and 2002. The thing is that in most burgers and packed salads, the lettuce is not washed properly.

Therefore, you should avoid prepackaged salads, even if it is a mix of various healthy foods since they can contain more bacteria, dirt, and germs. Due to improper washing, this lettuce can cause various problems for your health.

So, if you see something in cellophane, it doesn’t mean it is good for you. To avoid all those germs and dirt, you should wash the salad completely before eating it.

4. Ground Turkey

According to studies, ground turkey might be positive for salmonella from 16.8% to 28.8 %. In addition, you should avoid picking turkey from anywhere and try reading the label to avoid contaminated ones.

The key to avoiding Salmonella is to pick organic turkey that contains no antibiotics.

5. Peaches

Peaches don’t grow all the time. Therefore, farmers have to use pesticides and chemicals to keep the fruit looking fresh and pretty. So, to endure all the transport in time, farmers coat the fruits with nine different pesticides.

According to a pesticide toxicity index from Consumers Union, peaches have the highest rank. To avoid all of these harmful compounds, try purchasing organic fruit. The fruits will taste both great and will provide multiple health benefits for your body.

6. Ground Chicken

Ground chicken has an 18% to 35.5% chance of containing Salmonella. In addition, it might cause infections in the bloodstream and diarrhea. So, to avoid all these dangers, try purchasing organic ones that won’t contain any harmful materials.

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Source: CureJoy | Rodale Wellness | Men’s Health

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