Chicken Meat Finally Proven to Contain Cancer-Causing Arsenic, Says the FDA

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According to Associated Press, Food and Drug Administration was able to prove that the chicken meat samples that they have examined and tested are packed with inorganic arsenic that can lead to the formation of cancer in consumers. Although this issue has been discussed for a long period of time, this was the first time for the FDA to confirm that this risk associated with chicken meat is real.

In case you didn’t know, arsenic is a dangerous chemical that often triggers cancer and acts as a serious threat to our health when it’s consumed in high dose. What’s shocking is that the food industry adds this chemical to chicken meat on purpose.

About 11 years ago, IATP has reported that more than 70% of the chickens sold on the US market is “enriched” with arsenic. The manufacturers did this to make chicken gain weight in a short period of time. They also used arsenic in turkeys and hogs to make their color look natural and healthy.

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, discovered that almost 50% of the examined chickens, were carrying inorganic arsenic which is probably the most dangerous chemical that can end up in our liver. In addition, the FDA has asked the famous pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, to stop making Roxarsone, a popular drug that is loaded with arsenic. This drug was used in chickens to get normal color and better weight.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the FDA conducted research on more than one hundred chickens. This research has confirmed that the chickens’ livers contained high amounts of arsenic. They were healed with the notorious 3-Nitro. Pfizer has announced that they will stop selling this drug in July.

But, even though this arsenic-rich drug is no longer available in the US, FDA says that chicken with small amount of arsenic in them are safe.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the industry is doing its best to keep some facts hidden from the public. For instance, they don’t tell us that inorganic arsenic is extremely dangerous for our health in general.

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of South Carolina has warned the public that arsenic, lead, and mercury creates adverse effects on the proper development of fetuses and children. To put it in simple words, it has been highlighted that arsenic is up to four times more toxic compared to mercury. Additionally, it was also pointed out that so-called trivalent arsenic is 60 times more toxic compared to pentavalent arsenic.

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A scientific research revealed in the popular Journal of American Medical Association has confirmed that individuals who have used arsenic-rich rice have witnessed radical cellular modifications that can lead to cancer.

In addition, there were many reports focused on inorganic arsenic’s ability to trigger massive cell carcinoma, Bowen illness, basal cell carcinoma and kidney, bladder, lung, and liver cancer (rare types of cancer).

While we are talking about chicken meat, it is good to know that the Food and Drug Administration keeps saying that chicken meat is completely healthy and safe for use although it was proven that it contains arsenic, a chemical that leads to cancer.

At the same time, the FDA warns people that consumption of elderberry juice can be dangerous because it may result in adverse effects. This is quite illogical if you ask us.At the same time, the FDA warns people that consumption of elderberry juice can be dangerous because it may result in adverse effects. This is quite illogical if you ask us.

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