Groundbreaking Cannabis Patch Effectively Treats Diabetic Nerve Pain and Fibromyalgia

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A US-based company that creates cannabis products has recently enriched its offer with a brand new product – an efficient patch that soothes the symptoms of fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain.

There are so many scientific studies that have confirmed the positive effects of cannabis when used for medicinal purposes which mean that the public should definitely change its perception for this herb.

The aforementioned cannabis patches represent transdermal patches that have the ability to release the content of marijuana in the skin. The body can easily absorb the content through the skin and deliver it in every system through the bloodstream.

The cannabis patches soothe nerve pain triggered by fibromyalgia and diabetes. The specialists that work at Cannabis Science say that carefully managed doses are not harmful and users can’t expect any adverse effects.

The company claims that their special patches can bring positive effects to every problematic body part. The transdermal technique provides better results compared to other similar solutions like oral, topical, intravenous or intramuscular applications.

Cannabis Patch Explained

Thanks to these amazing patches you will get the exact amount of cannabis that your body needs for healing.

The patch contains a penetrable membrane that provides conditions for complete absorption even though there is a version with thin layers that simply melt when they are placed on the skin. These thin layers are loaded with high-quality cannabinoid extract that targets the central nervous system and ultimately eases the pain.

The second most effective cannabinoid found in cannabis is CBD. You have probably heard that THC is the first one. CBD provides powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. There are usually no side effects recorded except for mild hallucinogenic effects.

According to Raymond Dabney, Cannabis Science’s CEO, the cannabis patches are just a small part of their offer.

He points out that the creation of the two new medicinal applications is just a small step in their mission to create extremely effective cannabis-based products.

They are focused on increasing their land capacity to grow more cannabis and facilities to research and develop new products. They want to find a way to let users use marijuana for different health issues and in the most effective way.

More than 10% of Americans are dealing with fibromyalgia and a huge number of them are completely unaware that they have this condition. Neuropathic nerve pain is part of the daily lives of many individuals around the globe and with the help of the aforementioned patches issues like this might be resolved. There are indicators that suggest that these patches are capable of soothing the pain and even healing the conditions.

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The interest in medical marijuana is growing every day. On top of that, more and more states across the USA and many countries around the globe are legalizing cannabis at least for medicinal purposes. This is one of the main reasons why Cannabis Science is investing in expanding their facilities and testing different cannabis strains.

Source: Healthy Food House

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