Never Dry Laundry Indoors, The Side Effect Can be Deadly!

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You should be aware that the evaporation of the laundry can bring side effects that are very detrimental to our health. A man from Bolton, Craig Mather, apparently not aware of this fact so that he found he suffered a lung infection due to fungal spores originating from drying clothes in the house.

According to him, he had been diagnosed with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis, required to consume a variety of drugs used to fight fungal infections. Never Dry Laundry Indoors, The Side Effect Can be Deadly!

This report is published by Mather then decided to stop drying clothes indoors so that he could improve his health.

According to the doctors, drying clothes indoors may increase the risk of bad because it will increase the humidity up to 30%.

The more humid, the greater the chance of fungal spores to grow. Some pieces of laundry can contain almost two liters of water that will be released slowly into the air inside the house.

For normal people, this probably is not a big problem, but for patients with AIDS, cancer, and asthma, this condition can bring in what called the pulmonary aspergillosis.

Pulmonary aspergillosis can bring fatal condition that is difficult to cure. Professor David Denning, one of the well-known medical experts, advises anyone to avoid drying laundry indoors.

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