5 Hacks to Organize Your Closet When It’s Hard to Let Go

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Do you love shopping? Do you have more clothes than you can store? If the answer is ‘yes’, then this is for you!

Many people find it difficult to de-clutter their closet, especially if they love every piece of clothing they have. Well, it is time to slim down that over-cluttered closet and make it more efficient and tidy.

A closet is a personal space, a space that represents who you are. Of course, it is not that easy to throw away a part of your memories. That is why we decided to help you organize your closet when it is difficult to let go.

5 Hacks to Organize Your Closet

Here are some excellent ways you can make your closet look tidy again.

1. Review

Start by examining what you need and what you don’t need. This is the first step for a tidier and more organized closet. Try to determine which are the clothes you don’t love. Remove them, and make space for the ones you love.

This is an important step because it will leave more space for the clothes that you adore. In addition, you will take better care of them.

2. Create Your Own System

Do you have the typical baskets, rods, and wire shelving? If you do, it is time to make a change. Place the shelves as you like to create the space you need. To make that, you will need to install ShelfTrack. For more details, check this video.

Of course, you can make your own shelves if you want. This way you will create the closet you love with the shape you desire. After the complete DIY rework is done, you will have an adorable clean and organized closet.

3. Create Spots for the Extras

Clothes are not the only thing we have to store in the closet. Jewelry, socks, shoes, toiletries, scarves, change, and hats also have to have a spot in the closet. Therefore, to keep everything neat, leave a place for these extras to fit in.

In other words, use hangers, trays, or anything you would like to keep everything in order. If you don’t know how to organize your scarves, check this out. Besides, your extras will be more visible and easier to approach if you use hangers.

3. Find Your Own System

Now that you have properly cleaned and organized your accessories, it is time to focus on the clothes. There are 3 important steps for organizing the closet. The first step is to organize your clothes according to the color.

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If you have many clothes with different colors, it will look amazing if you organize them by color. However, this step won’t suit everyone. Not everyone has the patience to organize their clothes by color.

The second step would be to organize your clothes according to the season. For example, have a different shelf for winter, summer, autumn, and spring. This way, you will know exactly what you can wear depending on the season.

Plus, you won’t have to take out every single blouse before you find the clothes you want. Step three is to take care of the clutter the way you want to. Try to pick a way to organize your clothes that suits you. Therefore, find a way that will look more comfortable and easy to use. After all, the closet should resemble you.

5. The Hard Part

There are some clothes that you don’t want to let go. They are special and hold a place in your heart. We get it, and we don’t ask you to remove them. In fact, we suggest you find a middle ground. Keep the things that mean a lot to you, but when there isn’t enough space for them, it is time for a plan B.

Create a memorabilia case and place them where you can see them. Not in the closet. Was it the prom dress, wedding dress, high school clothes? Whatever the case, you should put them in a place you will want to see them.

Find a way to honor your memories, not store them away. In other words, take your wedding gown to a professional to store it properly, take a photo of your favorite high school clothes and put them in a scrapbook.

This way, you will never have to throw away the important clothes, and they won’t take space in your closet either. Finally, take your time to organize your closet the way you want to. In the end, you will keep the clothes you love and have more space for new ones.

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