Signs of a Clogged Lymphatic System and 10 Ways to Cleanse It

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In order to remain healthy, we need to eliminate all toxins that tend to accumulate in our body.

Our body contains many glands and organs, whose role is to get rid of toxins, and their system is called the lymphatic system. However, it can be easily clogged, and thus cause various health issues.

This system is vital for our immune system and consists of the spleen, the tonsils, the thymus gland, lymph nodes, and other glands. Its roles include:

  • Elimination of the interstitial fluid from a tissue
  • Transport of white blood cells to and from the lymph nodes into the bones
  • Absorption and transport of fatty acids and fats from the digestive system
  • Transport of antigen-presenting cells (APCs), like dendritic cells, to the lymph nodes

Its function can be impeded due to physical inactivity, processed foods intake, and nutritional deficiencies.

The following conditions indicate that your lymphatic system needs detoxification:

  • Excess weight
  • Digestive disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Sinus infections
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Skin conditions
  • Frequent headaches

According to Jillian Levy, CHHC, the lymphatic system “is a critical part of the immune system, vital for protecting us from illness and damaging, disease-causing inflammation. Essentially, the lymphatic system is the body’s inner “drainage system,” a network of blood vessels and lymph nodes that carry fluids from tissues around the body into the blood and vice versa.

The lymphatic system has the primary role of protecting the body against outside threats — such as infections, bacteria, and cancer cells — while helping keep fluid levels in balance.

The best way to protect the complex series of crisscrossing lymphatic vessels and “nodes” that span almost the entire body (everyone except for the central nervous system) is to eat a healing diet, exercise and take steps to detoxify the body naturally.”

Take a look at the following natural ways to cleanse the lymphatic system and ensure a healthy lymph flow:

1. Clean water

To ensure a healthy flow of the lymph, drink up to half your body weight in ounces of water daily.

2. Foods that stimulate lymph flow

Raw foods rich in nutrients improve the healthy function of the lymphatic system, such as almonds, cranberries, walnuts, garlic, green leafy veggies, low-sugar fruits, avocados, chia seeds, and Brazil nuts.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise is crucial for a healthy lymphatic system. The most stimulating exercise for the lymphatic system is rebounding on a small trampoline.

“Any type of regular exercise and movement (such as simply walking more) is good for keeping lymph fluid flowing, but some exercise seems to be particularly beneficial, including yoga (which twists the body and helps fluid drain), high-intensity interval training (also called HIIT workouts, which is great for improving circulation) or “rebounding.“

Rebounding is growing in popularity and involves jumping a small trampoline that you can keep inside your house. It only takes up a few feet, and just five to 10 minutes of jumping daily can really get your heart rate up and help keep your lymphatic system running smoothly.”

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4. Alternative treatments

One of the most powerful ways to detoxify the lymphatic system is the procedure of lymphatic drainage with Lymph-Biologics, as it stimulates the circulation of fluids, toxins, lymph, and fat. Another effective treatment is acupuncture.

5. Avoid foods that clog the lymphatic system

You should avoid the following foods: sugar, table salt, soy, processed foods, and conventionally raised meat and dairy.

6. Hot and cold showers

The hot water dilates the blood vessels, while the cold water shrivels them, so these effects eliminate the toxic fluids from the body.

7. Breathe deeply

Even though there is 3 times more lymph fluid than blood in the body, there is no organ to pump it, so deep breathing helps the lymphatic system to transport the toxins into the blood before they are cleansed by the liver.

8. Dry brushing

To stimulate the flow of lymph, brush the dry skin in a circular motion for 10 minutes using a bristle brush. Take a shower afterward.

9. Herbal teas

Herbal teas support a healthy lymphatic system, so make sure you drink cilantro, poke root, Echinacea, astragalus, goldenseal, and wild indigo root tea.

10. Avoid tight clothes

Tight clothes reduce the circulation and clog the lymphatic system, which can cause an accumulation of toxins.


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