7 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Gel to Improve Your Hair and Skin

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Countless beauty products contain Aloe Vera. The reason for this is because Aloe contains antibacterial and antiviral compounds which can be beneficial for both the hair and skin. Plus, it can ease even constipation and help with diabetes.

The huge amount of beneficial properties of the Aloe make this plant a must for everyday use. Whether you choose to treat your skin, hair, constipation or even diabetes, know that Aloe Vera can help you solve your problems.

This plant has been popular even throughout history, and with good reason. It was and still is a part of beauty creams, diet supplements, and healthy juices. But, what makes this plant so special?

Well, aside from the antiviral and antibacterial compounds, Aloe Vera can have potent healing properties.

Moreover, the plant can defend itself from animals and insects that come near it due to its tall and bitter leaves. That is why the translucent gel inside the leaves is untouched. Moreover, it contains organic and inorganic compounds, like amino acids, vitamin C, B, A, and 96% water.

As a result, it can be a great moisturizer for the skin. But, when you dry and purify the aloe, you can use it as a laxative. However, its precise results or effects are still unknown. Furthermore, one of the most important compounds of the Aloe is acemannan.

It lets nutrients nourish and get to the cells while it relieves them from toxins. As a result, Chinese and British herbal medicine use the Aloe as a healing medicine that you can consume orally. However, we all know what Aloe Vera is most popular for.

The skin and hair of course. Here is how you can use the Aloe Vera gel.

Extract Aloe Vera Gel at Home

Before you start taking care of your skin with the Aloe gel, you should know how to extract it. Here is what you should do.

  • Try to extract the gel quickly, since the exposure to sunlight and air can spoil it.
  • Cut a few leaves from the plant and wash them properly. However, have in mind that one leaf contains plenty of gel, so don’t use too many.
  • Split the leaf into two halves.
  • Scoop out the transparent gel with a spoon
  • Get rid of the yellow residue that comes out of the gel. This way you will be able to avoid skin irritations.
  • Store the gel in a glass container that is air-tight. Plus, you need to keep it in the fridge at all times.
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The Benefits of Using Aloe Vera

Here are the multiple ways you can use the natural and transparent Aloe Vera gel.

Provides Nourishment for the Skin

Before you go to sleep, apply some Aloe Vera on your hands, neck, and face. Besides, it can make your skin gentle, oil-free, deeply moisturized, soft, and silky.

A Great Exfoliator

To remove the dead cells and clean the pores, try to use an Aloe scrub. To do this, you will have to mix the gel with some sugar. This way, you can naturally and gently exfoliate your skin without hurting the upper layer.

Useful for Dry Skin

Due to its hydrating and healing compounds, Aloe Vera gel can highly moisturize the skin. Therefore, you should apply it on your skin to remove all the dry patches and get a boost of hydration.

Healing Sunburns

Aloe Vera has many beneficial and healing properties. As such, it can be useful for the skin and even provide soothing to the painful areas, like sunburns. Furthermore, it can reduce the rashes and redness that come with burnt skin.

Handy, isn’t it?

Use Aloe Vera to Prevent Hair Loss

Due to its proteolytic enzymes, Aloe Vera can repair the cells in the dead skin. In addition, it can be a great conditioner, and even prevent itching, redness, dandruff and hair loss. Therefore, you should try using it if you want to make your hair look gorgeous.

Besides, it gives an elastic and healthy feeling without the use of chemicals.

Removes Dandruff

To get rid of the annoying dandruff, try using Aloe Vera. Besides, it is very easy. All you have to do is add a couple of drops (5-10) of lemon and 3 tablespoons of Aloe Vera jelly and wash your hair with it. However, the hair must be dry when you apply the Aloe Jelly.

Gently massage the mixture on your hair for one hour and wait to see the results.

Hair Moisturizer

This nourishing gel can help strengthen the roots of the hair and even help reduce the hair loss. Besides, it is easy and fast to do.

For more details, watch this video below to see how you can extract the gel from the plant. What do you think? Have you tried Aloe Vera before? Feel free to leave us a comment and share this post with family and friends.

Source: Femina | Dermato Care | Smart Cooky

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