Homemade Treatments to Prevent Wrinkles

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The biggest reason behind wrinkles on your skin is aging. It happens because of loss collagen responsible for skin elasticity, and loss of facial fat which makes the skin dangled.

As people age, the collagen and elastin get weaker, so the wrinkles begin to form. However, there are various factors that cause wrinkles:

Not Enough Sleep

When you sleep, your body rests, heals, regenerates, and gets rid of the body toxins. Lack of sleep makes your skin get older earlier than it should. Also, it gives you a tiresome look with dark eye circles and bags under your eyes.

Stress and Excessive Worry

When humans undergo a stressful period, they do not consume good foods, do not exercise enough, and there is a sleep problem. These issues affect one’s look. When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol (stress hormone) which lowers the production of collagen.


Thanks to the UV lights that break your skin tissues, collagen and elastin, your skin gets older; it loses its elasticity. Of course, this causes wrinkles even in younger age. You cannot prevent aging, but you can definitely control when and how much time you spend under the sun.


Cigars contain more than 4,000 chemicals that destroy the collagen and elastin. Also, the nicotine constricts the blood vessels which prevents your skin of getting enough oxygen and nutrients.

When you smoke, you purse your lips which cause the formation of wrinkles around your mouth. This is one more reason to quit smoking.

Unhealthy Foods

Even though sugars and carbs are delicious, they damage your skin. They speed up the aging process. So, stay away from these foods. Sudden weight loss is a huge stress for your body which impacts the collagen and makes your skin saggy. Expensive cosmetic products and treatments are not enough for your skin if you eat poorly.


Air pollution is not bad only for your lungs, but for your skin also. The pollutants do not let your skin to be moist and make it dry. Your pores get clogs because of the dust, so the bacteria cause blemishes. Also, low temperatures dry out the skin and lead to wrinkles and losing the smoothness.

Treat Your Skin and Prevent Wrinkles with Coconut Oil and Baking Soda

Needed ingredients:

  • 1 tsp. baking soda (free of aluminum)
  • 2 tsps. organic extra-virgin coconut oil


Take a small bowl and put the ingredients. Mix them well till you get a paste. Massage your face with round motions. Let it take effect for 5 mins. Use warm water to clean your face while massaging it. Since the coconut oil hydrates the skin, you do not need creams to moisten your skin.

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Coconut oil and baking soda paste has antibacterial properties and cleans your skin very well. Also, it treats acne and balances the pH of the skin.

Some other remedies for preventing wrinkles:

  • Egg White

    Make a foam out of two egg whites, and apply it on your face and neck. Let it stay for 20 mins. and wash it off with cold water. Do this for your face 2 times a week.

  • Lemon

    Squeeze a fresh lemon and apply it on your face. Let it stay for 5-10 mins. and clean it with water. Repeat this 2-3 times on a daily basis.Also, you can add lemon juice to water, and wash your face with it while letting it dry for itself. Do this 1-2 times a day.

  • Aloe Vera

    Take the gel from the leaf of aloe vera and rub it on your face. Let it take effect for 15-20 mins. Do this a few times a week.Also, you can make a mixture of 1tbsp. of the gel and 1 tsp. honey and mayonnaise.

    Put it on your face and let it stay for 15 mins. Wash it off using warm water, and finalize the washing with cool water. You may do this one time in a week.

  • Cucumber

    Take half of a cucumber, grind it and extract its juice. Put the juice on your face and let it dry. Wash it off with cool water. Do this once a day.You may make a mixture of grated cucumber and yogurt (one tbsp. each). Apply the remedy on your face and leave it for 10-15 mins. Use lukewarm water to wash it off. Do this a few times a week.

    Also, you can make a face mask with 2 tbsps. of cucumber juice, 1 egg white, and 3-5 drops of vitamin E oil. Put the mask on your face and leave it for 15 mins. and clean it with cold water. Use it one time per week.

  • Massage Your Face with Olive Oil

    You need to warm extra-virgin olive oil and apply it on your face. Use your fingertips to massage your face and neck in round motions. Do it 10 mins. The best to this is every night before sleep.

  • Honey

    Make a mixture of 3 tsps. of honey and several drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Put it on your face and neck area, and after it dries out, wash it off using warm water. For the best effect do it 1-2 times per day.

    You can make one more combination of ½ tbsp. honey and ½ tbsp. soar cream. Add ½ tsp. of turmeric powder. Apply it on your face and leave it for 15 mins. Use lukewarm water to wash it off, and finalize with cold water splash. It is recommended to use this mask one time in a week.

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