Hepatitis A Found in Pineapple Slices Sold in Supermarkets in Alberta and B.C.

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Hepatitis A has been discovered in fresh pineapple chunks. As a result, Alberta Health Services started warning people to stay away from ready fruit cups all over Alberta. On top of that, they included Fort McMurray’s Save-On-Foods in their list as well.

As the Centre for Disease Control at B.C and AHS claim, the fruit cups from the Western Family brand, produced in August during the second week, are dangerous. These companies also include PriceSmart and Overwaitea Foods, which are in B.C and Alberta.

Moreover, these fruit cups may have had an expiration date that expired on August 19, but they were on sale from August 11.

Even though officials in B.C. and Alberta say that there are no cases of food poisoning from these fruit cups yet, people who ate them should contact their doctor. Therefore, make sure to call Health Link at 8-1-1.

What Should You Do?

People who ate these products on August 18 or after that period should get a vaccine. According to the B.C CDC, they should get a hepatitis A vaccine. Besides, even if these products were frozen, they still need to be thrown away.

So, anyone who believes they have a virus of any kind should contact their local Save-On-Foods to make sure they know all the information about the products they recently consumed. This type of infection can affect the liver.

Besides, Hepatitis A is a widespread virus in the developing world. That is why you should be aware of its signs and symptoms.

Symptoms of Hepatitis A

  • tiredness
  • fever
  • nausea
  • dark urine
  • loss of appetite
  • stomach pains
  • yellowing of the skin and eyes

Therefore, if you have any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. They can occur within 15-30 days of direct exposure to this virus. But mostly, you can see them within 28-30 days.

Also, make sure to contact the medical assistance if you feel any changes in your body. According to health officials, the investigation in B.C. and Alberta is still ongoing. So, beware of these products because they still might be on the shelves.

List of Stores That Sell These Products in British Columbia

Here is a complete list of the stores that sell these expired fruit cups in British Columbia:

  • Burnaby BC, 7155 Kingsway, V5E 2V1- Save-on-Foods, 200
  • Burnaby BC, Kingsway (Old Orchard Shopping Mall),  V5H 1Z9- Save-on-Foods, 4469
  • Abbotsford BC, Fraser Way (West Oaks Mall),  V2T 4M5- Save-on-Foods, 300 – 32700
  • Delta BC, 120th Street (Scottsdale Centre),  V4E 2A9- Save-on-Foods, 7015
  • Kamloops BC, Trans Canada Hwy,  V2C 4A6- Save-on-Foods, #9 – 2101
  • Chilliwack BC, Yale Road (Salish Plaza),  V2P 7V2- Save-on-Foods, 46020
  • Golden BC, 10th Avenue South, PO Box 409, V0A 1H0- Overwaitea, 1020
  • Burnaby BC, Kingsway (Old Orchard Shopping Mall), plus V5H 1Z9- Foods, 4469
  • Burnaby BC, Kingsway, V5H 4L9- PriceSmart Foods, 4650
  • Abbotsford, BC Whatcom Road, V3G 0C1, Fraser Highway,
  • Langley BC, V3A 4E4-Save-on-Foods, 20151
  • Merritt BC, Save-on-Foods, 2388 -1700 Garcia Street, PO Box 144, V1K 1B8
  • Kamloops BC, Lansdowne Street,  V2C 1Y3- Save-on-Foods, #116 – Save-on-Foods, 200-450
  • Coquitlam BC, Lougheed Highway (Pinetree Village), plus V3B 6J6- Save-on-Foods, 2991
  • Burnaby BC, North Road, V3J 0A9- Save-on-Foods, 3433
  • Langley BC, 64th Avenue, V2Y 1M9- Save-on-Foods, #1 – 20255
  • Burnaby BC, Lougheed Hwy, V5C 3Y7- Save-on-Foods, 4399
  • North Vancouver BC, Brooksbank Avenue (Park & Tilford Gardens), plus V7J 3S8- Save-on-Foods, #600 – 333
  • Penticton BC, 2111 Main Street (Cherry Lane Shopping Centre), V2A 6W6- Save-on-Foods, #161
  • Kelowna BC, Highway 33 W.,  V1X 1X8- Save-on-Foods, #10 – 301
  • Chilliwack BC, Tamihi Way; plus V2R 0M4- Save-on-Foods, 45635
  • Fort St. John BC, 100th Street,  V1J 3Z2- Save-on-Foods, 10345
  • Mission BC, London Avenue,  V2V 6M7- Save-on-Foods, 400 – 32555
  • Duncan BC, Trans-Canada Highway,  V9L 3P8- Save-on-Foods, 181
  • Maple Ridge BC, Dewdney Trunk Road, V4R 1W1- Save-on-Foods, 23981
  • Langley BC, Street, V1M 2Y2- Save-on-Foods, 8840 – 210
  • Sparwood BC, Red Cedar Drive, PO Box 790, V0B 2G0- Overwaitea, 113
  • Prince George BC, Central Street (Spruceland Mall), V2M 3C6- Save-on-Foods, 555
  • Prince George, 15th Avenue (Parkwood Plaza); plus V2L 3X3- Save-on-Foods, 100, 1600
  • Sidney BC, 2345 Beacon Avenue, V8L 1W9- Save-on-Foods
  • Revelstoke BC, 555 Victoria Road, PO Box 512, V0E 2S0- Save-on-Foods
  • Richmond BC, 11666 Steveston Hwy, V7A 5J3- Save-on-Foods, 3000
  • Prince George BC, 5232 Domano Blvd, including V2N 4A1- Save-on-Foods
  • Squamish BC, 1301 Pemberton (Chieftain Mall), V8B 0A1- Save-on-Foods
  • Prince George BC, 3885 W. Austin Road, V2K 2H7- Save-on-Foods
  • Richmond BC, 8200 Ackroyd Road, V6X 1B5- PriceSmart Foods,
  • Spruce Grove 121 Century Crossing, -Suite 100
  • Edmonton – 360 Mayfield Common N.W.
  • Vernon BC, 2306 Highway 6, V1T 7E3- Save-on-Foods, #255
  • Edmonton – 10312 King George Boulevard
  • Surrey BC, V3T 2W5- Save-on-Foods, plus 11180 Ellerslie Road SW
  • Edmonton – 10368 78th Avenue Northwest
  • Sherwood Park – 60 Broadway Boulevard
  • Albert – #500 – 140 St. Albert Trail
  • Fort McMurray #106 – 100 Riverstone Ridge
  • Edmonton- 9510-160 Ave NW
  • Fort McMurray -8406 Franklin Avenue,
  • Lethbridge -401 Highlands Blvd West,
  • Edmonton -2390 – 24th Street NW,
  • Sherwood Park #10 – 4005 Clover Bar Road
  • Fort McMurray- 131 Signal Road
  • TerraceBC 4731 Lakelse Avenue (Skeena Mall), V8G 1R5 – Save-on-Foods
  • Sherwood Park – 81 Fir Street
  • Grande Prairie 10819 – 106th Avenue
  • Calgary 155 Walden Gate S.E.
  • Edmonton -6260 – 199 Street NW
  • Albert -740 St. Albert Trail
  • Edmonton– 8124 – 112th Avenue
  • Edmonton- 1120-91 Street SW
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Source: CTV News | Fort Mc Murray Today | Xinhuanet | Vancouver Sun

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