10 Benefits You Get When You Quit Smoking

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It is not easy at all to quit smoking. Probably, that is why 70 percent of people who want to quit smoking, do not.

Also, 7 percent of smokers have success in quitting cigars on the first attempt. However, this story has a good side. Rapid changes happen to your body when you quit smoking, but there is a chance of recovering your harmed health.

Since it is a hard decision to stop smoking, these facts will serve you as a daily reminder of the reasons behind your choice.

Give up smoking because of these immediate and lasting benefits to your health:

  1. After 20 min. of your last cigar, you will get a normal blood pressure. So, the circulation of the blood to your hands and feet will be improved.
  2. After 8h. of your last smoke the fatal carbon monoxide in your blood will be halved. This way the oxygen in your body will be able to purify it from the bad bacteria.
  3. Two days, or to be precise, 48h. after the final cigar, the risk of having a heart attack is significantly lowered. Also, in this situation, your system would not have nicotine anymore. And, your sense of taste and smell would be recovered.
  4. Three days from the last smoke you will be able to see that your breathing is much easier, and your bronchial tubes are relaxed. You will feel the energy, that is a good encouragement after the stress you suffered when you quit smoking.
  5. The period between two weeks and two months after you quit smoking, your walking would be easier. This is due to the improved circulation and lung function up to 30 percent.
  6. You will be able to breathe better without being interrupted by coughs, congestion, or overall breathing problems. This is expected to happen after 3-9 months of your last cigar. The fibers in your bronchial tubes will be renewed and will positively affect the ability to deal with mucus and purify your lungs of bacteria which are the cause of infections.
  7. One year has passed, and your chances of getting a heart attack are halved, and you will have energy like people who have never smoked.
  8. The chances of having a stroke are equal to nonsmokers after a period of 5 years.
  9. Leading a life without smoking for ten years, will renew your lungs and lower the risks of developing a lung cancer (like those who have never smoked). Also, your system will be purified of more than 30 harmful tobacco chemicals that are cancerous.
  10. Finally, after fifteen years the chances of succumbing a big heart attack are equal to the chances of nonsmokers. Your system will be purified and recovered from the harms caused by tobacco and nicotine. You will get a healthy body.
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People tend to look for the dangers of smoking, but what motivates smokers to quit are the benefits of quitting cigars. Even people who have smoked cigars a long time can become non-smokers.

Source: The Hearty Soul

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