5 Detox Juices That Are Good For Weight Loss

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Trying to lose weight can be a struggle. There are what seems like an infinite number of ways to do so, with some ideas contradicting others. There is one tried and true method that has worked to help people lose weight on a consistent basis, and that’s by eating fruits and vegetables. There’s even valid evidence that shows eating oranges for weight loss can be a great idea.

You can take the time to eat your daily allotment one at a time, but wouldn’t it be easier to throw a bunch of them into a juice and get the boost of nutrition all at once? Detox juices can do just that. They can also help you get rid of any lingering gunk left from too many days of eating foods that aren’t healthy. Check out some of these recipes for delicious and healthy juices.

Here Are 5 Of The Best Weight Loss Drinks With Oranges:

1. Carrot Orange Juice

This recipe is simple and easy, which is great if you are new to juicing, are low on ingredients, or if you just want your juice quick. This would also be a great option to serve to kids because it has hidden vegetables in it to help them get their daily five as well. The ingredients you will need are:

– a large orange that has been peeled and diced up
– three medium carrots
– half of a small pineapple that has been cut into smaller chunks

Then, you can simply add these to your juicer and wait for the magic to happen.

2. Orange Ginger Juice

This ginger and orange juice recipe is ready in less than five minutes, but you can let it sit in the refrigerator for another few minutes if you prefer your juice cold. The added bonus is that this is easy enough to be made in the blender, just in case you don’t have access to fancy juicing equipment yet. The ingredients that you will need to make this drink are:

– four small oranges, peeled
– approximately a three-inch stick of ginger
– sweetener of your choice to your taste preference

It’s a good idea to mix your ginger first to get it broken down, then add in your oranges. Next, strain out any small bits that the blender didn’t take care of and add your sweetener.

3. Orange And Lime Detox Drink

The orange and lime detox drink is another easy recipe to make. The large doses of vitamin c surely aren’t going to hurt either. You can peel and slice your fruits, then put them through a juicing machine if it’s easier, but there’s something about juicing by hand that’s slightly satisfying. Here is your ingredient list:

– two cups of orange juice (aim for about six to eight full oranges)
– one tablespoon of lime juice (use about a half of a lime)

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You can also add a pinch of salt if you prefer. Some people also like to add ice to their juices to make them colder. The choice is yours.

4. Green Juice

If you’ve looked into juicing at all then you’re likely to have heard of green juice. This is a mixture of many dark leafy greens to provide you with a drink loaded with nutrients. Hardcore folks drink it straight, but other more regular people add in some sort of fruit (like oranges!) to soften the bitter taste. The ingredients in this drink are:

– two oranges
– one lemon
– one green apple
– one cup of baby spinach
– one leaf of kale

If you’re brave you could leave out the sweetening fruits, but that wouldn’t be near as fun. Make sure they are peeled and everything is chopped into manageable pieces, then feed it in and watch your gorgeous juice come alive.

5. Orange Dreamsicle Detox Juice

Yes, there really is a drink that tastes like ice cream that is also healthy for you. Cue the celebration dances. Your food list for this recipe is as follows:

– one orange, peeled
– two medium apples
– two medium pears
– three stalks of celery
– a sweet potato (look for one about five inches long)

This is going to be packed with vitamin c and potassium.


Hopefully, these recipes will give you some great ideas on how to use oranges for weight loss. They are loaded with plenty of vitamin c to boost your immune system. They can also keep you hydrated and provide you with an energy boost, and both of those things will help you fight cravings.


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