2 Weeks Without Alcohol Can Change Your Life

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After a long night of heavy drinking, those massive headaches make us regret we drank that much. As a result, we have to try and treat it the best way we can. After getting back to normal, we vow never to drink again.

But, the cycle continues. Even though we know that alcohol isn’t healthy for the body, we still keep on drinking. Sometimes even the next day. However, maybe this will inspire you to be more resistant to the temptation of drinking.

It might discourage you from getting the next bottle of wine again. Here are the most amazing benefits that will happen to your body if you start drinking an excessive amount of alcohol.

You Eat Less at Dinner

According to a study issued in the American Journal of Nutrition, alcohol makes people eat more. In addition, they gain more weight. The reason for this is because the alcohol strengthens our senses, new study claims in the journal Obesity.

As researchers claim, women who consume more alcohol, eat 30% more food than the women who don’t. In addition, the mild intoxication enhances the brain activity in the woman’s brain and makes them more sensitive to the smell of good food.

As a result, they can’t resist it and eat more.

Body Detox

After two days of not drinking, your body completely detoxifies. As a result, the hangover completely passes. However, after two weeks, your body is completely cleaned, and you feel more energetic.

Even though you might be thinking that two drinks can’t hurt your liver, you should know that long-term drinking can massively destroy your liver. Therefore, to completely purify your body, mind, and spirit, you should try not drinking too much alcohol for two weeks.

Save Money

Your wallet will love you. You will be saving 5-10$. But, if you used to drink every weekend, you will be saving much more than that. So, it all adds up. As a result, your finances will improve, and you will boost your health and well-being.

Besides, the money you used to spend on alcohol can be put to good use. Now, you can invest in something you like, whether it is travel, charity, or anything else that comes to mind.

You Feel Happier

If you are drinking a lot of alcohol, it can affect the way you deal with stressful situations. Also, it might even cause depression. So, if you are blowing off some steam or dealing with some sad situations, you shouldn’t drink.

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Drinking will make those feelings like anxiety, depression, and sadness even last longer. Therefore, giving up alcohol for two weeks will give you some balance and help you regulate your emotions. As a result, you will deal with problems easily, and you can think clearly.

Final Thoughts

Giving up on alcohol doesn’t mean you should give up on having fun. On the contrary, you can have a sip or two, but instead, on drinking that entire bottle, you should shake it off on the dance floor. Besides, you will be losing some weight in the process.

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