Detox Your Liver Naturally Using Raisins and Water

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You shouldn’t underestimate those tiny raisins. Even with their size, raisins contain a huge amount of nutrients. When the grapes dehydrate and produce raisins, their level of nutrients becomes far more concentrated.

As a result, the raisins gain more iron, potassium, and vitamin B. Aside from all the necessary nutrients they can provide, raisins can also give the body energy and carbohydrates. This makes them a crucial food for the overall health.

Besides, they are tasty, quick and easy to eat. Therefore, women should consume at least 1.5 cups of raisins per day, while men should take about 2 cups. In addition, a cup of raisins can fill up half of our daily fruit requirements.

How to Pick the Right Raisins?

Nowadays it is not easy to find fruit without pesticides and added sulfur dioxide. So, you will have to avoid yellow or extremely bright raisins. The brighter they are, the more sulfur dioxide they contain. Moreover, avoid purchasing huge and perfectly looking raisins.

The reason for this is because raisins should be tiny and look dry, not perfectly shaped. Therefore you can easily recognize the organic ones since they are all wrinkled, dull, not too tough and not too soft.

Also, their color is dark brown, purple or with a blue undertone.

Liver Cleanser Recipe

To stimulate your digestive system and strengthen your liver, try making this recipe. Besides, the liver is an important organ in the body which can remove all the toxins and purify the blood. So, to improve your energy, vitality and good mood, follow these steps.

At first, you will need half a cup of raisins. Put them in a bowl and submerge them in hot water for 15 minutes. When the time is up, wash them well with cool water. Put the cleaned raisins aside. Now, put more water in a pot and bring it to a boil.

Afterwards, let the water cool at room temperature. Put the raisins in a jar and cover them with the boiled water. Let them rest in the water for 24 hours. In the following morning, before you eat your breakfast, drink the water and the raisins.

Remember, it has to be the same water that you let the raisins sit in for 24 hours. After that, put some hot water in a bottle and place it on your abdomen. Rest for some time in that position. Lastly, you should do this cleanse once per week for a month, or even twice per year.

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Note: For better results, try to purchase raisins with a small stem on the top. They are far more potent than the normal raisins.

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