3 Ways to Detect Fake Honey!

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Honey is one of the healthiest food on the planet, and with good reason. It contains the necessary nutrients the body needs to function properly. But, to get the most benefits from it, you have to purchase a pure organic honey.

However, with all the unhealthy foods out there, it is hard to know if you are buying the right thing.

That is why we believe you should try the following tests to see whether your honey is pure or fake. But, before we commence with the tests, we would like to recommend you read the label of the product.

There are many companies who are not afraid to write on their labels that their product contains additional additives and substances. Therefore, you can sometimes easily distinguish between organic and a fake product.

But, not all manufacturers are straight-forward. There are many who don’t write the truth on their labels in order to boost sales. That is why you should try these tests.

Why Would You Care?

Well, honey is healthy, but it can’t have the same effects if it is produced with additives and substances. All the healthy properties will disappear. Furthermore, the honey can come from countries who have poor food regulations.

As alarming as it sounds, it is true. There are many manufacturers around the world that use heavy metals and illegal antibiotics to create a cheaper product and make a profit. Therefore, you should be very careful what you purchase and what you eat.

Especially if you want to keep your body healthy and boost your overall health.

3 Tests for Checking Honey

To avoid a diluted nectar with added sugar syrup, you should get only organic honey. For some, it is easy to distinguish between good and bad honey, but for others, they all look alike. Besides, it all depends on the thickness, which makes it harder to determine.

That is why you should try these tests to check if your honey is pure or fake. Here are the most common methods to distinguish good from bad honey.

1. Water Test

Get a small glass and fill it with water. Next, put a tablespoon of honey inside the glass. If it dissolves immediately, it means that the honey is fake. However, if it stays on the bottom of the glass, it means that the honey is pure.

2. Fire Test

Which one do you think is flammable, the real or the fake one? If you thought the real, you are right. Fake honey won’t spark when lit because of all the moisture it contains. However, the pure honey can easily light up.

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To see this better, try dipping a match in honey and light it up. If it burns for some time, it means that the honey has no additives and sugars.

3. Thumb Test

To do this test, you will have to put a tiny drop of honey on top of your thumb and see whether it will spread or spill. If it spills, it means that the honey is not pure, but if it stays without changing shape on top of the finger, it means that the honey is pure.

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Source: David Wolfe | Dr. LoreBay | My Bee Line | Glory Bee

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