10 Traits of Strong Women That Most Men Can’t Handle

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Every woman wants to grow up to be strong, and they certainly make very desirable partners for men, other women, and everyone in between. Strong women also make great mentors and role models.

But then a new problem arises, as some men feel intimidated by these types of women, or don’t know how to deal with them. On top of that, strong women are well-known for putting their foot down and choosing a partner who they know can keep up with them.

Of course, strong women couldn’t care less about those who don’t know how to react to them. In our ever-changing world, women are feeling more and more empowered and taking on more and more roles of leadership and authority, and that’s something to be celebrated.

Here Are 10 Traits Of Strong Women That Most Men Can’T Handle

1.    Strong Women Demand And Give Back Honesty

A strong woman values honesty in every relationship. She knows that it is necessary for excellent communication, and communication is how they can conquer things in life quickly and easily. As such, she has a vast amount of respect for those who are open, vulnerable, and honest. This honesty also means that:

  • They embrace good and bad emotions and learn to process and accept them so that they can move on.
  • They have no time for dropping hints or playing mind games. They say what they want and expect others to inform them of their desires, too.
  • They never gossip, spread rumors, or backstab. If they have a problem with someone, they will tell them to their face.
  • They love constructive criticism and constructive praise equally and will take both in stride.
  • They want their partners to be emotionally open and vulnerable to them.
  • They communicate their needs clearly and directly and will not waste their time trying to decipher the needs of those who will not speak clearly.
  • They can be straightforward in their speech, causing some to feel like they are rude or cold.

These are all very positive things – but there’s no denying that some would find these traits intimidating. Someone who’s going to tell you the truth unabashedly and expect the same from you is someone you can’t mess with!

2.    They Know When To Walk Away

A strong woman is a fighter, but she fights smart. She knows when something is a lost cause, or when something is not worth the mental and emotional energy. This intuition applies to many different situations, such as:

  • Toxic friendships and relationships
  • Bad job situations
  • Arguments, debates, or discussions

Whatever the case, whatever the situation, a strong woman is confident in herself and knows she shouldn’t be mistreated. So if she thinks it’s time to walk away, she will. End of story, no looking back.

3.    They Can Be Picky

Strong women tend to be perfectionists. Naturally, this lends itself to a certain pickiness. As such, a strong woman may come across as cold and dismissive, or like a pessimist who needs a lesson in positive thinking. But don’t be fooled!

A strong woman’s supposed pickiness is never for the sake of being difficult. She simply knows what she wants, what she deserves, and what she can achieve. She also sees the best in others and is aware of their potential. As such, she always expects 100% from herself and others.

4.    They Recognize Negative Treatment And Won’T Tolerate It

A strong woman is often a pretty good judge of character. She’s able to easily tell if someone is a jerk or not based on their actions. If she gets a feeling that your intentions aren’t the most favorable, she won’t hesitate to kick you to the curb.

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This stance isn’t to say that she knows everything, but she goes through life intelligently. She may make mistakes – as everyone does – but she learns quickly with positive thinking, and her intelligence makes her less likely to fall for silly tricks. So she’ll roll her eyes at your bad pick-up lines because she’s more interested in who you are – a tall order for many casual flirters!

On top of that, a strong woman will not take any bad treatment from anyone in her life, even those she cares about. If she knows she is being treated any less fairly than she deserves with no sign of improving, she’ll be out of these immediately.

5.    Strong Women Demand Equality From Partners

A strong woman demands equality in all aspects of her life where it is applicable – in her family, in the workplace, and from romantic partners. She will not settle for anything less than that.

Of course, she doesn’t necessarily need a strict 50/50 split in the relationship, and she’s not going to be overly calculative about it. But she does want is to be treated as she treats her partner, and for each partner to pull their weight. This logic applies to:

  • Planning romantic events, like dates and vacations
  • Emotional vulnerability and openness
  • Intimacy
  • Financial responsibilities (in committed relationships)
  • Performing chores and working hours (in committed relationships)
  • Childcaring (in committed relationships)

On paper, equality sounds great. It’s a surefire recipe for a positive partnership. But it’s a very different dynamic from the stereotypical, traditional one that most people grow up hearing about and expecting, so that’s enough for a good amount of men to be unable to handle it.

6.    They Are Independent And Want Independent Partners

A strong woman cannot stand a controlling partner. She has no interest in needing other people. She wants to be in a mutually enjoyable, beneficial relationship with a partner – one where both people want each other but don’t need each other. Some men may dislike the fact that they can’t be the stereotypical “big strong man” in a relationship with her.

An independent woman is also not going to be bogged down by needing to mother her partner. If she feels like she’s playing babysitter for an adult man who seems to be incapable of performing basic tasks, or if her partner becomes too needy or requires her constant help, she won’t be interested in sticking around.

7.    They Need Their Alone Time

A strong woman doesn’t fear the prospect of being alone. In fact, she values it. She wants to have moments of the day to herself because she respects herself and enjoys spending time with herself, too.

She understands the importance of taking a step back and allowing herself to be alone. She knows that it is healthy to be her person and take care of herself. She puts her wellbeing first. Her alone time may come in the form of:

  • Participating in a class
  • Indulging in a hobby
  • Setting aside daily time for meditation or relaxation
  • Spending a day treating or pampering herself

Try to keep a strong woman away from her alone time, and she’ll have to decide which is worth more: her time for herself, or her time for you. (Spoiler alert: it won’t be you she chooses!)

8.    They Know Everything That They Want

A strong woman has done a lot of self-analysis. She uses critical thinking to reflect on herself, so she knows what her goals and desires are. Sure, there are some things she still needs to figure out, but for the most part, she understands that she needs to have a direction in life if she wants to be her best, most positive self.

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This woman would also never be afraid to go after what she wants most. She’ll happily bulldoze through any obstacle in her way to achieve her goals. She doesn’t have time for doubting herself or hesitating – she’s here to grab her dreams. So if you’re in her way, she’ll have no problems going around you and leaving you behind.

9.    They Are Well-Informed

A woman of strength keeps herself informed. She reads up on current events and is always working on improving herself. But she isn’t just well-read. A strong woman is also a critical thinker. She digests information from all sides and multiple different sources, practices nuanced analysis, and then make a well-educated decision.

Essentially, this type of woman is an intellectual force to be reckoned with, and it can be a pretty big blow to your ego when someone always knows more than you, and some men may be unable to handle that from a woman.

10. They Might Overwhelm Others

Many people consider strong women to be very intense, especially since women have been historically unable to show their full personalities and strengths in public spaces. It’s not unusual for them to earn titles such as loud or intense, and they refuse to give in to trials and troubles. Their passion and honesty of emotion and intellect make them unstoppable.

As such, these women know that their best bet is to be open and direct about their feelings, complaints, commands, and compliments. They want to get things done, no-nonsense wanted, and they can barrel through anything in their way. It’s not surprising that some people find this overwhelming.

Besides, to get to high positions, a strong woman knows that she has to be unabashedly herself. They have learned that people will criticize them whether they are demure or confident. So, they might as well be as passionate as they want!

Final Thoughts About Loving Strong Women

If you find that men are intimidated by you and can’t handle you, should you try to bend to a more malleable shape? Absolutely not! The traits of strong women are positive ones! But it does mean that these are progressive steps forward for women, and, as with all forms of progress, it can take a while for the world to adjust to the new status quo.

Still, being a strong woman is something to strive for and be proud of. Strong women are incredible and amazing, and all women are strong in their ways, and there’s no reason to stop being strong for any men! The right relationship will arrive in due time.

So if you aspire to be the strong woman you’ve always wanted to be, don’t let the idea of intimidating a man stop you. The right partner is one who will not only “handle” your strength, but love and respect it – and that’s the kind of partner you deserve.


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