Ginger remedy for menstrual cramps

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The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of ginger root can contribute to the relief of menstrual cramps. Does this symptom afflict you? Discover how to use it. Ginger remedy for menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are a very common ailment in the female population. They are characterized by causing pain in the lower abdomen before and during the menstrual period. Do you want to treat it naturally? Do not miss this ginger remedy for menstrual cramps.

Ginger is a natural spice that has been used since ancient times for gastronomic and medicinal purposes. It has a slightly spicy flavor that usually improves the flavor of different preparations. In addition, its components help to calm various types of medical conditions and problems. Dare to try it!

Table of Contents

  • Ginger for menstrual cramps: what you should know
  • How to prepare a ginger remedy for menstrual cramps
      • Ingredients
      • Preparation
      • Consumption mode
    • Ginger lemonade for menstrual cramps
      • Ingredients
      • Preparation
      • Consumption mode
  • Risks and contraindications

Ginger for menstrual cramps: what you should know

Ginger root has been used by traditional medicine for very diverse uses.

Menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea is usually related to hormonal changes that occur in the uterus when the ovulation cycle is completed. It is often accompanied by other symptoms such as physical discomfort, low mood and sometimes fever. Why use ginger for menstrual cramps?

Ginger belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, the same of which turmeric is a part. Traditionally it has been used to calm several types of ailments, as it contains active ingredients that act as analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. It is also recommended as an ally to calm nausea and improve digestion.

In this particular case, we propose using ginger for menstrual cramps, since its antispasmodic effect may favor pain relief. The spice concentrates an important amount of gingerol, a bioactive compound that confers these important properties.

In an investigation into its effects to calm dysmenorrhea, 150 women consumed 1 gram of ginger powder a day during the first three days of the menstrual period. In the end, it was concluded that this spice decreases pain similar to medications such as mefenamic acid and ibuprofen.

How to prepare a ginger remedy for menstrual cramps

The best way to take advantage of ginger for menstrual cramps is to use the fresh infused root. Of course, you can also take advantage of the spice in smoothies, juices, and other preparations. The infusion should be consumed preferably 2 or 3 days before the period.


  • 1 teaspoon fresh ginger (5 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)


  • To start, grate the fresh ginger.
  • Next, add it in a cup of boiling water.
  • Cover the preparation and let it stand for 10 minutes.
  • After this time, filter it with a strainer and serve it.
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Consumption mode

  • Swallow a cup of infusion before the arrival of menstruation.
  • It prolongs its consumption during the days of the period.
  • You can have one or two cups a day, as you deem necessary.

Ginger lemonade for menstrual cramps

Lemon reduces the characteristic taste of ginger, also making it fresher for regular consumption.

Another useful recipe to take advantage of ginger’s properties in the treatment of menstrual cramps is the refreshing ginger lemonade. Some prefer this option since its taste is more pleasant. Do you dare to try it? Find out how to prepare it below.


  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)
  • 1 teaspoon grated ginger (5 g)
  • Honey (15 g)


  • First, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and dilute it in a glass of boiling water.
  • Then, add the grated ginger, cover the drink and let it stand.
  • To enjoy a more refreshing drink, put it in the refrigerator until it cools.
  • Finally, sweeten with a spoonful of honey.

Consumption mode

  • Swallow the drink at the first sign of menstrual cramps.
  • If you prefer, take it from the days before the period for the best effects.
  • Avoid consuming more than two glasses a day.

Risks and contraindications

Despite being a spice with multiple health properties, ginger is not exempt from producing unwanted reactions. Therefore, it must be taken into account that you can interact with other medications if you are under other treatments.

Similarly, consuming ginger excessively can produce excess acidity, gas, heartburn, and other discomfort. Because of this, the recommended amounts should not be exceeded. It is important to consult the doctor beforehand in case of heart disease, gallstones or pregnancy.

Do you have annoying menstrual cramps? If you have not yet used ginger for your treatment, start preparing it now. It is a good option if you want to avoid painkillers and conventional medications.


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