Company Sells Pills That Make Farts Smell Like Flowers And Chocolate

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Farting is embarrassing, even though everyone does it. If you have ever farted in a polite company, you know that others start staring at you, giving away signals of judgment, even out loud.

Farting is a natural process that results from gases building up in the intestinal tract and bowels, so it is not shameful itself, but its aftereffects cause embarrassment in most people. 

If you experience flatulence issues, you will be delighted to learn that the invention of Christian Poincheval from the French village of Gesvres, will solve these problems for you!

Namely, he invented pills that make farts smell nice. The capsules are affordable, with a 60 pack of pills costing about $23, and can be purchased online at his website

In fact, he’s been at it since 2007, according to the official website of the company, called Lutin Malin (meaning Cunning Imp in English).

Poincheval even offers various scents, including chocolate, ginger, flowers, herbs, and spices. One can even find fart-reducing powder for pets on the website.

Poincheval admitted that he got the idea in 2006 while eating at a restaurant with a few friends. After the meal, the group had a gas attack, which led to an embarrassing situation.

“Our farts were so smelly after the copious meal, we nearly suffocated. The people at the table next to us were not happy. Something had to be done.”

He then started thinking about a possible remedy to this problem and stumbled upon an obvious solution to make farts smell nicer.

According to Lutin Malin, they had initially used mint and estrogen for the pills, without any effects so he turned to natural dietary supplement ingredients. After being tested, a special mix provided “different benefits that gave the desired effect.”

After the Violet (lilac) and Rose Fart Pills, in January 2015 another special St Valentine’s ginger pill was also released, followed by Lily of the Valley for May Day in 2019.

Apart from saving people from potentially embarrassing situations, Poincheval claims that these pills are healthy, as they reduce intestinal gas and bloating since they contain ingredients like vegetable coal, fennel, seaweed, plant resin, bilberry, and cacao zest.

Poincheval claims his pills are often given as joke gifts, but they are also very useful. He adds that Christmas always sees a surge in sales.

The product’s website reads:

 “The Fart Pill is the result of lengthy research and trials and is on sale since 2007. Our fragrant variants also add a touch of humor for any occasion. Our numerous returning customers are no doubt the best proof.”

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It is noted that the precise dosage depends on the individual’s condition, dietary habits, and the desired effect. Yet, it is recommended to take 2 to 6 pills every day with meals followed by a full glass of water.

Buzzfeed writer experimented with the pills and found that they caused discomfort in her stomach, constipation, and other small, temporary digestive problems.

She also reported that most people didn’t seem to smell anything, although a few friends told her that they smelled the roses. She adds that she would take the pills before a fancy occasion to prevent malodorous gases, but she would definitely not take 6 pills after every meal as recommended. 

What about you? Would you order a pack of these unique pills to ensure you will not be embarrassed in front of others?


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