She Drank Lemon Water Every Morning and This Happened

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The cheapest and most beneficial drink for the body is lemon water. It can improve digestion, make the skin look healthy, shed some pounds, and provide the body with the necessary amount of vitamin C.

So far, we tried consuming citrus-flavored water for as long as we can remember. But, recently some fitness instructors have recommended that the best way to lose weight and improve your health is to drink lemon water every morning.

But, is this really the case? Can lemon water be that good for losing weight and boosting your metabolism? Well, what we know is that lemons have a huge amount of health benefits and are the best source of vitamin C.

Only a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice contains 187% of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin C. On top of that, lemons contain a lot of magnesium, copper, and potassium. No wonder why no other fruit can beat them.

The Amazing Benefits of Lemon Water

Many people swear that lemon water has some immense health benefits. That is why Crystal Davis felt the need to put this theory to the test. She started a 12 month testing period to see what will happen if she drank lemon water every morning.

To speed things up, she added a bit of honey for a sweeter taste. She decided that it is best to see for herself how this drink can affect her health. But, she had no idea how amazing this drink actually was. She was blown away by all those things she gained.

Firstly, to do this experiment, Crystal used organic ingredients. Therefore, she avoided fake honey and artificial lemons. Furthermore, she tried to follow this regime and drink lemon water every morning as much as she could.

However, she did have to skip a few days. Nevertheless, she still noticed some outstanding results after a single year. She noticed these amazing changes in her body. Lemon water helped her body the following way.

1. Improved Digestion

For the 12 months that Crystal was drinking this water, she managed to improve her digestive system. In addition, she was no longer low in energy and was free from all her headaches. She found this particularly satisfying since she had problems with digestion and fatigue.

2. Resistant to Cold or Flu

During the 12 months, Crystal was able to boost her immune system and become resistant to cold or flu. In other words, no illness managed to materialize. She believes that this is the most amazing thing for her since she was constantly ill.

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3. No Coffee Cravings

Crystal loved drinking coffee in the morning, but ever since she tried consuming this concoction, she no longer craves coffee. She says that this morning drink made her more resistant to coffee and she can still get the energy she needs without relying on a lot of caffeine.

4. Became a Morning Person

This new habit inspired Crystal to create a new morning ritual. So, instead of being grumpy, Crystal says she felt full of energy immediately after waking up.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Crystal has inspired members of her family to take this drink. She says she introduced them to an amazingly healthy drink that has astonishing healing properties and can serve as a healthy energy booster.

Of course, Crystal continues to follow the same morning ritual she formed a year ago and will keep drinking lemon water. She hopes that she will inspire even more people to follow her advice.

What do you think? Would you try drinking lemon water every morning? Tell us your thoughts and leave us a comment. If you liked this post, make sure to share it with friends and family.

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