He Used a Himalayan Salt Lamp and the Effects Were Mind-Blowing!

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Himalayan salt lamps are large lamps with a light bulb inside. They can either be a decorative piece filled with large crystals of salt, or solid pieces of salt. But, their warm glow is not the only thing they are good for.

Himalayan salt lamps can have some exceptional beneficial properties, especially for the air. To make them, manufacturers use great pure grade Himalayan salt crystals that are edible. Recently, these lamps have become immensely popular.

People say that they can offer soma amazing benefits. However, is there any proof of these claims? Let’s see…

Do These Lamps Create Negative Ions?

Many sources believe that these salt lamps are the generators of natural negative ions. But what are these ions? Well, at any time, there are both negative and positive ions in the air. Ions are atoms or molecules that have a net electric charge because of the gain or loss of one or more electrons.

The negative ions are anions, and the positive ones are cations. Due to their positive and negative charge, these ions can bond and move easily.

How Do These Lamps Work?

Since salt is hygroscopic, the lamps can attract water molecules from the air. Therefore, these lamps can trap pollen, smoke, and even dirt. In other words, they can gather all the harmful chemicals that the water vapor carries.

Furthermore, when the lamp locks all the contaminants from the air in the salt, it releases clean water and purifies the air. This is how the lamp works in theory. But, is it the same in reality? Well, according to scientists, the salt does absorb contaminants in the air.

However, it can quickly become saturated, or full, and it won’t take any more water. On top of that, the heat that the bulb generates can release negative ions. So, there might be some contradictory claims to the effects of this lamp.

But, salt has indeed some amazing health-boosting benefits that we should consider.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Here are some of the amazing health benefits that this lamp can offer.

1. Purifies the Air

This lamp has an amazing power that can remove various contaminants in the air like cigarette smoke, dust, and even pollen. The salt absorbs and attracts the water molecules and soaks all the contaminants that they contain.

Therefore, it can improve your environment by simply trapping all the toxins in the air in the salt crystal. In addition, this type of clean air can boost your health and clear the airways. Furthermore, there are many health benefits of salty breathing air.

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That is why using this lamp can prove useful. After all, it spreads salt particles through the air. In the long run, this type of lamp can solve respiratory problems and help you lead a healthier life.

2. Increases Energy Levels

Many people believe that these lamps can create more energy. Well, the best way to get a boost of energy is to go out, enjoy the fresh air, and beautiful scenery. However, today, we have more polluted air than ever before.

That is why using this lamp can prove useful for boosting your energy levels in the room.

3. Helps You Sleep

This is another popular claim. People believe that this lamp can help you sleep better since it can purify the air. Well, the reason why we can’t sleep is usually due to the reduction of oxygen and blood supply since we are exposed to a lot of positive ions.

4. Boosts Performance and Reduces Stress

According to a study, the participants had to complete a task on the computer for 40 minutes. In this study, half of the people were exposed to negative air ions which helped them improve their performance and even reduce stress and anxiety.

Therefore, this lamp can indeed prove useful for reducing stress.

5. Improves Breathing

Since this lamp can help absorb all the harmful contaminants in the air, it can prove useful for improving breathing. In other words, the lamp can keep the air clean from foreign particles. So, by filtering the air you breathe, you will be able to keep the lungs clean.

6. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

In theory, the positive ions from the electronic gadgets can be the cause of the sick building syndrome. We receive a huge amount of electromagnetic radiation due to telephones, television, tablets, and computers we use.

This type of electromagnetic radiation can cause stress, chronic fatigue, and even decrease the immune response of the body. Of course, there are many other problems that this kind of exposure can cause. So, to avoid all these positive ions, you should you can use this Himalayan salt lamp.

7. Negative Ions Boost Mood

According to studies, people can definitely benefit from the negative ions. On top of that, they might be even able to treat depression. However, it is important to know that despite the numerous studies, scientists still lack valid proof.

8. Helps with Allergy and Asthma

Himalayan salt lamps can prove immensely beneficial for reducing bronchitis, asthma, or various respiratory problems. After all, it can clean the air and purify it from all the harmful chemicals. But, have in mind that this lamp can’t immediately affect your body.

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It will need time to soak up all the contaminants in the air.

What do you think? Do you own a Himalayan salt lamp? Tell us your thoughts and leave us a comment. If you liked this post, make sure to share it with friends and family.

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