10 Foods to  Eat for Healthy Lungs

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We all know that the best way to have healthy lungs is to quit smoking. But there is also a different way to show your lungs some love – eat more foods rich in fiber. Yes, as simple as that!

According to a study from 2016, you can boost the lung function by consuming plenty of fiber. This food is crucial because it is necessary for the good bacteria to digest and create a by-product that will help reduce the lung inflammation.

Furthermore, experts claim that if you take good care of your lungs, you might be able to prevent COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Now that is the superfood we need!

What to Do?

The best way to get the necessary amount of health benefits and improve your lung function is to consume at least 17.5 grams of fiber each day. Therefore, it is important to consume such foods, but not overeat them.

After all, whatever you eat in excessive amounts, no matter how healthy the food is, it can cause problems for your metabolism. In other words, eat in moderation. Here are the best foods you should eat for healthy lungs.

If you haven’t already eaten any of these foods, it is time to start. Undoubtedly, a healthy dose of vitamin C is crucial for the body – claims a study from 2017. Therefore, make sure to also consume the necessary amount of vitamin C.

Moreover, according to the same study from 2017, consuming tomatoes and the fruits mentioned above, might help delay lung function decline in adults, especially the ones who have quit smoking.

In other words, these foods are immensely important for the body. If you don’t want to consume some of them fresh, you can always dry them. After all, raisins are a great way to improve your health, even if they are not a part of the list. Plus, activated almonds are also a great choice!

Lastly, you need to consume different varieties of both fruits and veggies. This way, you can improve both your metabolism and lung function. So, eat healthy and tasty food!

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