Top 5 Reasons to Eat More Activated Almonds

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Did you know that consumption of almonds in a raw form will not let you get all the nutrients that these nuts contain? This is the reason why you should consume activated almonds – they will let you absorb almost every nutrient found in them.

Thanks to activated almonds, you’ll get a better dose of useful enzymes and you’ll improve your digestion too. In addition, due to the improved nutrient absorption, you’ll also lower the chances of experiencing heart problems.

Almonds are very healthy nuts. Several scientific studies have shown that almond consumption supports the cognitive functions, manages blood sugar levels, smoothens the skin and aids weight loss.

However, a number of specialists in this field claim that consumption of raw almonds will not let you experience all these benefits to the maximum.

Almonds are very tough nuts. They are packed with substances and compounds that prevent our body to absorb all the nutrients. That’s why you need to use activated almonds. These almonds are soaked and dehydrated before served.

A Few Good Reasons Why you need to Take Activated Almonds

1. They come with more healthy enzymes

The majority of people are aware that consumption of sprouted varieties of legumes and seeds is a much healthier option. Well, the same goes for activated almonds. They come with additional healthy enzymes compared to ordinary almonds.

This is quite natural because, during the so-called period of activation, almonds trigger a growth cycle that ordinary almonds miss. When the germination begins, activated almonds create more enzymes.

2. They boost other nutrients’ bioavailability


The reason why almond skin is so tough is simple – to keep the content of these nuts safe. The skin comes with enzyme blockers that are here to protect the almond until it finds a good source of water and sunlight.

The human body is unable to break down these enzyme blockers and that’s why you can expect only a restricted amount of nutrients from almonds. However, when activation is triggered, germinated almonds create structures that impact these enzyme blockers and you can absorb every nutrient found in them.

3. They cut the level of so-called anti-nutrients


Anti-nutrients represent natural structures that lead to limitations in nutrient absorption. They bind to minerals and vitamins and make things difficult. They can also lead to digestive issues. Anti-nutrients are part of many nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

When it comes to almonds, these anti-nutrients come in the form of phytate and phytic acid. With the help of soaking and dehydrating, we are able to remove of these anti-nutrients.

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4. They support digestion


It turns out that activated almost are a healthier solution for those who want to optimize the work of their digestive tract.

Due to the fact that ordinary almonds are rich in antinutrients like phytic acid, they can lead to digestive issues. In addition, consumption of raw almonds complicates the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

5. They keep the heart safe


Almonds are rich in nutrients. A scientific study conducted not while ago has shown that taking almonds on a regular basis has lowered LDL cholesterol levels and boosted HDL cholesterol levels. As a result of that, the risk of heart problems was reduced too.

In addition, almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, and this vitamin boosts the immunity in men and women too. However, you can enjoy all these health benefits with proper nutrient absorption. Thanks to activated almonds, you will absorb all the nutrients almonds have.

A Recipe for Activated Almonds


  • Take the almonds and rinse them carefully a few times before putting them in a bowl of tap water. Remember that the almonds must be immersed in the water completely.
  • Pour some sauerkraut juice, kombucha or apple cider vinegar directly into the bowl of water. After that, add just a pinch of salt. Leave everything for exactly one day.
  • Take the soaked almonds and dry them outside with the help of a dehydrator set on low heat. You can also use your oven on the lowest setting. The whole process should not take more than 6 hours.
  • In the end, you will get crispy and dry almonds that are ready for consumption.

In case you want to use all the benefits that almonds bring, eat activated almonds.

Source: Cure Joy

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