Woman, 67, Who Battled Blood Cancer for Five Years ‘Recovers After Treating It with Turmeric’ in the First Recorded Case of Its Kind

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Dieneke Ferguson was finally able to have a normal life after successfully treating blood cancer. She battled five years with this disease but decided to stop the grueling treatments. Even though all those treatments had no effect, turmeric seemed to have worked for her body.

According to doctors, this is the first recorded case in history that managed to succeed. Mrs. Ferguson underwent three complete rounds of chemotherapy and 4 stem cell transplants. But, at 67 years of age, she decided to take 8g of curcumin every day.

Curcumin is the main compound in turmeric which is said to have some amazing healing properties. Before she took turmeric, doctors claimed that she would probably survive for about 5 years. But, the constant increase in the back pain made Mrs. Ferguson realize that things might get more serious.

That is when she came across a remedy while reading posts on the internet, and decided to try it. The tablets that contain turmeric are far more expensive than the actual turmeric. They cost around £50 for 10 days. However, the kitchen turmeric contains only 2% curcumin.

Therefore, it is impossible to get the necessary dose if she consumed only kitchen turmeric.

Professional Opinions

As her doctors claim, this is the first case in recorded history that demonstrate that curcumin is able to deal with such a progressive disease without any conventional treatments.

Dr. Abbas Zaid claims that very few patients who use dietary supplements together with conventional treatment, decide to solely rely on dietary supplements without antimyeloma therapy.

Despite the lack of evidence for the effectiveness of turmeric, it seemed that Mrs. Ferguson remained to lead a stable life for more than 5 years. In fact, she even improved the quality of life. Doctors say that the biological activity of turmeric is indeed remarkable.

As professor Jamie Cavenagh says, whenever patients decide to take curcumin during their treatments, there is no reason to object to it.

Final Thoughts

More studies are still necessary to confirm the effectiveness of curcumin for treating blood cancer, or any form of cancer. Therefore, doctors can’t be completely sure if the spice will work or not. In fact, more research is necessary to decide.

But, Mrs. Ferguson hopes that her story will encourage others and help them out.

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