The Solution to Your Back Pain Lies In The Feet

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Our feet have the heaviest burden. They have to keep our body in balance and keep up with all our physical activities. Also, they support our movements. This is what makes the feet exceptionally important.

So, we need to take good care of them if we want to prevent back, knee, and hip pain.

Back pain includes pain in the lower, upper, or middle part of the back. The causes for such pain are degenerative disc disease, nerve, and muscular problems. Moreover, many people use pain medications or painkillers to relieve the pain.

But, why use chemicals when you can simply try these easy exercises or stretches that can relieve the pain, strengthen and balance the feet.

Toe Walking

This is an extremely effective stretching method that can strengthen the ligaments, muscles and the toes. To do this simple exercise, just stand on the tip of your toes and start walking forwards for about 20 seconds.

If your feet get tired, rest for 20 seconds and repeat the same process a few times. Or as much as you can.

Toe Pencil Grip

To do this easy exercise, stand up and slightly bend your knees. Next, try to lift a pencil off the floor using your toes. Hold the pencil with your toe for 10 seconds and repeat the same process with your other leg. Do this a few times every day, or at least 2 to 3 times per week.

Foot Massage

For this interesting exercise, you will need a tennis ball. Put the ball under the arch of the foot and roll it over with your foot without raising your foot from the ground. Repeat the same process back and forth with the other leg as well for a few minutes.

Resistance Band

Sit on the floor and stretch the legs forward. Now, use a resistance band to wrap the top of your feet around a chair on the other end. Now, slide backward until you start to feel the tension in the foot. Hold that position for about 20 seconds and switch the leg.

Repeat the same exercise for ten times or as much as you can.

Toe Stretching

To do this simple stretch, you will need a stable chair. Sit on the chair and put the right leg on the left thigh. Next, grab your toes with the left hand and shake them well in different directions. Keep stretching them for about 10-15 seconds to each side.

Next, switch the other leg and repeat the same process three times on each foot.

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Heel Stretching Tendons

Stand up and face the wall. Next, stretch the left leg in front of you and bend the left knee. Now, move your hips slightly forward and keep that position for 30 seconds or as long as you can. Keep repeating the process with your other leg as well, daily.

Toe Pressing

This is a great exercise to start warming up your feet. Also, this is a great way to relax your legs and improve the blood flow. All you need to do is bend the knee while you are standing and grip the floor with your toes.

Keep this position for a few seconds and release. Repeat the same thing with your other leg as much as you like, but ten times are enough.

Ankle Circles

To do this exercise, lie on the back and stretch your leg upwards. Next, rotate your ankle for about 10-25 seconds. Keep repeating this process and change the direction you rotate. Switch your leg and do the same thing a few times.

This type of stretch can help you relieve hip, joint, knee, and ankle pain fast.

Upward Stretching

Once again lie on the back and stretch your legs in front. Wrap a towel around one foot and raise it up without bending the knee. Now, slowly pull the knee and hold that position for half a minute before you switch to the other leg.

Repeat the same process a few times.

Heel Stretching

Sit on a flat surface and put the left leg in front of you. Bend the right leg beneath the thigh. Now, try to grab your toe by reaching forward. Repeat the same process with the other leg a few times.

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