Top 10 Foot Stretches to Alleviate Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most common causes of problems. People tend to experience it later in their life. There are many reasons that can cause this kind of pain, like improper standing, sitting, and body postures.

Therefore, these exercises can prove useful for relieving some of the pain in the knees, back and hips. But, you will need to try and practice them regularly if you want to have some lasting results. With them, you can improve your body posture and balance.

However, before we talk about the exercises you can do, we would like to clarify a few things.

Why Are Feet Important?

Feet are crucial parts of the body which can control pain, balance and body posture. Furthermore, they enable movement, but without proper footwear, they wouldn’t be able to provide the same benefits.

When we age, the feet have a harder time maintaining their balance and health. Therefore, when we walk, we experience changes in our balance and more pain. So, without proper exercise, it is not possible to strengthen the muscles and prevent the pains.

In other words, maintaining a proper balance can help with the back pain as well.

10 Feet Exercises

Here are 10 useful feet exercises you can try at home if you want to relieve some of the pain in the back.

1. Resistance Bend

To strengthen the small muscles in the feet, you will need to try this exercise. Sit on the ground and stretch your legs forward in front of you. Next, grab the exercise band and wrap it around a chair, and the other side around the top of your feet.

After that, try to slowly slide back while you are sitting until you feel a tension. Keep flexing the foot forward and backward for 5 times and switch to the other foot. Keep repeating the process around 10 times.

2. Stretch the Heel

Sit on the floor and bend one leg under your thigh, while you stretch the other leg in front of you. Grab the toes and move the legs towards you. Stay in that position for 30 seconds and switch to the other leg.

3. Toe Walking

Walk on your toes for 20 seconds, or as long as you can, so that you can strengthen the tendons and muscles and get rid of the back pain.

4. Foot Massage

A simple foot massage goes a long way. All you have to do is place a small ball under the toe and move it around for a few minutes. This way you can massage your feet without bending over.

5. Toe Pressing

If you want to start a certain exercise, whether it be dancing or simply walking, try stretching your toes first. Not only can it improve the blood flow, but it can also relax the feet and make them stronger.

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Therefore, stand up, bend the knees a bit and stretch your toes for as long as you can.

6. Upward Stretching

To reduce the back pain, try to lie down on the back and stretch the legs. With a towel, slowly pull one leg towards you and keep stretching it for 20-30 seconds. Make sure you avoid any injuries. Once you are done, switch to the other leg.

However, if the pain in the hips, back or knees is getting worse, consult your doctor immediately.

7. Toe Stretching

Sit on a chair and put the right leg on the left thigh. Do the same with the other leg, but on the right thigh. Next, take your toes with the opposite hand and stretch them for 10 seconds at each side. But, remember, don’t try to do this more than 3 times on each foot.

You might hurt yourself.

8. Pencil Grip

Put a small pencil on the floor. Next, stand up and turn against the wall, or towards the opposite side of the pencil and try to take it with the toes.

9. Stretch the Heel

Face the wall and stretch your left leg in front of you. Continue by bending the left knee and your hips forward. Try to do this every day.

10. Ankle Circles

Lie on the bed and stretch one leg upwards. Rotate the ankle and keep it in the same position for 10 seconds. By trying this, you might be able to relieve some of the pain in the hips, ankles, joints, and knees very fast.

Did you find these exercises helpful? Tell us your results and share this article with friends and family!

Source: Organic Health Corner | Healthy Cures | Prevention

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