This Popular Household Item Destroys Your Brain and Causes Alzheimer’s

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There is one wildly distributed metal that we are using on a daily basis. This metal is aluminum. In fact, most of the products we are consuming contain aluminum like drinking water, baking powder, foil, cookware, vanilla powders, cake mixes, aspirin, and even deodorants.

Furthermore, food additives also contain aluminum. Even though some people might believe that since so many products contain aluminum, it is a good idea to use them. But, that is not true. Aluminum is very harmful and dangerous to our health.

Unlike the other minerals and vitamins, our body doesn’t need aluminum to function properly. Therefore, it won’t process it appropriately.

What Happens to the Aluminum in the Body?

Since the body can’t process the aluminum, it accumulates in the system over time. It stacks inside the liver, kidneys, thyroid, brain, and lungs. As a result, it can be very harmful to the body as time goes by. Even though aluminum is not as heavy as lead, it can still be toxic to the body.

Therefore, we have to be very careful of the products we are using on a daily basis. In fact, we have to avoid aluminum cookware, some hygiene products, and processed foods.

5 Reasons to Avoid Aluminum

Here are the main reasons you should avoid aluminum at all costs.

1. It Damages the Brain

Aluminum can damage the brain. According to studies, it can be extremely toxic and stressful for the brain. If the brain stores an excessive amount of aluminum, it can cause ADD, chronic fatigue syndromes, neurological disorders, Guilliane-Barre’ syndrome, Alzheimer’s, etc.

2. Affects the Bone Tissue

When the aluminum accumulates in the bones, it affects the tissue and weakens the bones. There are some who believe that it can even cause osteoporosis.

3. Damages the Central Nervous System

There are some sources who claim that too much aluminum exposure in children can cause autism. But, the problem is that children are exposed to excessive levels of aluminum just from drinking water. Furthermore, there is a chance that aluminum can affect the kidneys and cause kidney disease in children.

Plus, exposure to high levels of aluminum can lead to age-related neurological deficits as well.

4. Causes Oxidative Stress

As sources claim, aluminum can cause oxidative stress in the cells and affect the DNA.

5. Affects the Absorption of Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron

Consuming excessive amounts of aluminum robs the body of calcium, magnesium, and iron. As a result, it can affect the brain regions which are vulnerable in Alzheimer. Besides, more aluminum enters the brain than it leaves it, which can result in an increased intraneuronal aluminum that advances with age.

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Furthermore, the aluminum is responsible for two major types of toxic damage. Due to being pro-oxidant, it can cause oxidative damage in synergy with iron.

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