Don’t Feel Embarrassed by Eczema. Battle It With These 6 Home Remedies

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According to researchers, the reasons behind the skin irritation are probably the allergies, the overactive immune system, and asthma. This skin irritation appears on the skin in the form of patches that can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Even though there is no cure for this condition, there are a few home treatments that can prove useful. But, if the condition gets more serious, make sure to consult with your doctor. Otherwise, if you are a fan of natural treatment, this is for you.

These are the 6 home remedies that might help soothe the itchy skin.

1. Cucumber

Even though there is still insufficient evidence about the effectiveness of cucumber on the skin, there are some people who highly recommend it. They claim that putting a couple of slices of cucumber on the itchy area for 10 to 15 minutes can provide some relief.

Moreover, cucumbers can soothe inflamed and itchy skin, and it won’t cause any side effects.

2. Oatmeal Bath

Soaking the irritated skin in a bath with the right ingredients can be very soothing. Furthermore, this is a great natural way to moisturize the skin. To get these benefits, mix a quarter cup of baking soda, with 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and half a cup of grounded oats.

Add the mixture to the bath and enjoy.

3. Hydrocortisone Cream

This type of cream on eczema can help clear it up. In addition, it can soothe the itchiness and moisturize the skin.

4. Moisturize

Use a high-oil moisturizer to moisturize the skin, recommends the National Eczema Association.

Also, feel free to use coconut oil directly on the affected area after you have cleaned the skin. But, have in mind that the best moisturizes contains anti-inflammatory compounds. This type of moisturizer is the only one that can soothe the itchiness.

5. Proper Clothing

Try to wear clothing that won’t make you sweat. After all, sweating is one of the main causes of irritated skin. In other words, wear clothes that will allow the skin to breathe.

6. Sun Exposure

This may sound simple, but it can be an effective way to treat the skin. According to research, daily sun exposure is beneficial for the skin. Therefore, make sure to spend more time outside, especially if you live somewhere where the climate is warm.

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