Reduce Inflammation in Varicose Veins with Homemade Garlic Oil

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Having trouble with varicose veins? Can’t wear your favorite outfit because it’s too revealing and people are going to see what you’re struggling with?

Turns out millions of people across the globe the same struggle as you. Before you start your long and annoying journey on paying for various chemicals to treat your condition, we recommend trying out the alternative side.

Try to find some natural remedies that are going to help you get rid of varicose veins.

Where Do Varicose Veins Come From?

Research claims that using garlic oil can help you out in significantly reducing their size and appearance. This is great news and it’s also your lucky day because we’ve got just the recipe and the way for you to prepare the oil in the comfort of your own home.

The development of varicose veins is due to a genetic predisposition, or it’s started showing up for some foreign reason. Either way, you can treat them successfully on both occasions.

Make sure that you’re keeping an eye out for yourself if you’re standing for too long, or if you often sit in positions that cut off regular blood flow. Another thing to look out for is if you’re crossing your legs while sitting as well.

These things can lead to varicose veins development.

If you want to find out more about the recipe, read all about it below.

Homemade Garlic Oil


5 garlic knobs

1/2 cups of orange juice from 3 medium-sized oranges

2 tbsp of olive oil

Cut up the knobs in tiny bits. Once this is finished get a clean jar and put all of the ingredients in it. Leave the mixture to soak for twelve hours so that the ingredients can release all of their juices and can become one.

Once the twelve hours pass by, take the jar out and give it a nice shake so that mix the ingredients a little bit more. Take a cotton swab and apply the remedy all over the skin where you have varicose veins.

After applying it massage the area in circular motions and cover it with plastic foil so that the oil can really penetrate your skin properly. Leave it on for about half an hour and massage the rest of the oil on the area.

Why Is It Good for Me?

We recommend doing it at night because this is when you’re the least active and can give your legs a good rest. Also, while sleeping the leftover oil on your skin is going to penetrate into it nicely and give you better results.

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Garlic is incredibly anti-inflammatory because it contains a substance called Allicin. Garlic can help you improve the blood circulation in your system which is going to help you eliminate yourself from all of the toxins that are in your system.

Never apply fresh garlic on your skin. It contains such active and strong compounds that it’s going to irritate your skin and cause redness most definitely.

Good luck with your treatment!

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