7 Natural Antibiotics You Probably Have in Your Kitchen Right Now

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Antibiotics can get rid of bacteria. However, many people think that antibiotics are only the drugs used as modern medicine, but there are antibiotics which have been around for centuries. The original antibiotics are the natural ones.

There are some plants, extracts, and essential oils which have antibiotic properties. As such, they can prevent the bacteria from growing in food. But, some of their properties can make them crucial for our health as well.

In other words, their antibacterial and antioxidant compounds can prevent infections. Besides, it is not strange for herbs to be antibiotics. For example, there are 58 plants in China that 23 of them have antibacterial and 15 antifungal properties.

Furthermore, according to a study from 2014, herbal therapy proved to be as effective as chemical antibiotics for treating the bacterial growth in the small intestines. Here are some of those natural antibiotics you can find at home.

1. Oil of Oregano

This oil can take care of the pathogenic bacteria without affecting the beneficial bacteria. Moreover, it has antifungal and antiviral properties, which can boost the antibiotic resistance. The reason behind this potency is the ingredient called carvacrol.

But for it to be most effective, it has to have 70% of this ingredient.

2. Garlic Extract

There are many ways you can use the garlic extract. As a study from 2011 claims, garlic concentrate can get rid of the bacteria because of its antimicrobial properties. As such, it can be highly beneficial for the overall health.

Also, you can apply the garlic extract on some wounds or blemishes.

To make your own garlic extract, just soak a few cloves in olive oil. In addition, you can solve the problems with indigestion, or any problems caused by a certain bacteria. However, be careful not to consume more than 2 cloves per day, since it is the acceptable dosage.

But, if you consume some blood-thinning medications, consult with your doctor on whether you should take garlic as an antibiotic.

3. Ginger

This root is by far the most popular one for removing the pathogenic bacteria. Ginger has been used for centuries for its health benefits, which makes it one of the most powerful natural antibiotic in the world.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

The natural or raw ACV can help the body alkalize, disinfect, and sterilize some bacteria. It has powerful antiseptic and antibiotic properties which makes it a must to have at home. Furthermore, it is great for a sore throat, removing germs, or infections.

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On top of that, you can use it around the house for various purposes.

5. Lemon Essential Oil

If you take this essential oil, you can energize the body, clear the head and improve circulation. Lemon essential oil has antiseptic and astringent properties, which makes it a necessary antibiotic for improving the overall health.

6. Manuka Honey

We all know honey is healthy, but the Manuka honey is great for treating bacteria and boosting the resistance in the body. Moreover, this palatable antibiotic can destroy many pathogens like the flesh-eating bacteria and MRSA.

So, if you want to consume only natural and organic antibiotics, try this honey.

7. Coconut oil

Coconut Oil is rich in antioxidants. Plus, it has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. Therefore, you can use it to balance the thyroid, blood sugar levels, cholesterol and improve the immune system.

On top of that, the oil can boost up the brain functions, which makes it a crucial natural antibiotic for improving the overall health.

Have you tried these natural antibiotics? Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts and leave us a comment. If you liked this post, make sure to share it with friends and family.

Source: Changing Habits | Daily Health Post | HealthLine | Food Matters

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