Eat This Fruit to Make Your Liver 20+ Years Younger

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In case you notice some liver problems and you don’t address these problems right away, you can expect the emergence of some serious health issues that will have an impact on the entire body. Our liver creates proteins with the support of vitamin K. Proper blood clotting depends on these proteins. The liver is important because it also breaks down damaged and old blood cells.

There is no doubt that the liver plays a crucial role in literally every metabolic process that takes place in our body. This organ’s cells create energy and break down fats.

Another interesting thing about this organ is that it has an ability to regenerate without the assistance of other organs. So, the liver is definitely one of the most important organs in the human body. The good news is that it is easy to maintain it and treat it.

In case you’ve never paid attention to this organ, there is an increased risk of witnessing the emergence of different illnesses and diseases. Liver damage can result in many different serious health issues.

The use of specific medications, excessive use of alcohol, being obese and overweight, following an unhealthy diet – these are some of the common causes of liver problems and liver damage.

People in Asia and Africa have used tamarind for healing purposes for hundreds of years. This fruit was primarily used for enhancing the work of the cardiovascular system and calming and easing GI stress. But, it turns out that tamarind provides many other health benefits, which is why some people call it – super-fruit.

What is important in this case is that tamarind has an ability to combat almost every liver issue. In addition to its ability to cleanse and detoxify the body, this fruit can also get rid of the fat accumulated in the liver.

Cutting cholesterol levels, keeping the liver safe, optimizing digestion, healing any bile issue and enhancing the health in general are some other health benefits provided by tamarind.

A natural recipe for healing hepatitis and fatty liver disease:

  • To start with, take two handfuls of tamarind, peel them and put them in a blender. After that, pour one liter of potable water. Mix everything well. Next, strain the mixture carefully. Drink this mixture throughout the day.
  • Pour one liter of water in a pot and place 25 clean tamarind leaves in it. This is how you can make a tamarind tea. Boil this mixture for about 20 minutes and let it cool down after that.
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Although we highly recommend consumption of this tea without the use of sweeteners, feel free to add raw honey or brown sugar to taste.

In case you want to solve your liver issues and boost your health, consume this tea two times a day. Drink one cup once you wake up and one cup before bedtime.

Tamarind health benefits:

  • Tamarind helps people stabilize their digestive system and soothes constipation. Just boil a few pieces of tamarind and eat a few tablespoons of this fruit. You’ll notice improvement right away.
  • With the help of this fruit, you will get a chance to lower acidity level in your body and improve the work of bile in your liver.
  • Tamarind has been used as a treatment for dysentery for a long time.
  • Drinking tamarind tea based on this fruit’s leaves can soothe malaria fever.
  • Tamarind is rich in vitamin C which means that it serves as a powerful antioxidant too. This vitamin is crucial for optimization of bodily functions and keeping gums healthy.
  • The leaves of this fruit can be used to combat intestinal infections in kids.
  • By cutting LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, this fruit is able to improve cardiovascular health too.
  • Eating tamarind can help you ease the damage caused by hepatitis.
  • Tamarinds come with a few antioxidants like naringenin and phenols. These antioxidants are excellent for combating different types of cancer.
  • Tamarind is rich in many different nutrients including iron, thiamin, copper, phosphorus, niacin, calcium, magnesium and fiber. As we said before, this is the reason why so many nutritionists call tamarind a super fruit.

Source: Woman’s Energy

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