4 Ways to Stop Verbal Abuse

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Verbal abuse is something that unfortunately millions of people get to go through in their lifetime. The biggest problem with this is that verbal abuse is something that is as traumatic and as terrible as physical abuse.

Actually, verbal abuse can be more damaging than physical abuse more than often. people just still cannot fully grasp how gruesome and terrible the normalization of this issue has been for centuries.

With this in mind, for today we have prepared seven tips that’ll hopefully help you break out from that type of situation.

And please, before you proceed reading down below, if you are someone who is currently going through some type of abuse or someone who has witnessed the latter, please make sure to act on it and be the force for positive change in the world by doing something about it.

If you’re not in the position to do something yourself, please seek help from other external sources for assistance.


Try Your Best Not to Respond

This is probably one of the hardest things to accomplish, but once you do you’re going to feel so much better and so fulfilled. Your abuser wants to see you get upset because what they’re doing is all with the intention to get some kind of an emotional response.

Try your absolute best to count to ten, a hundred even not to respond. Responding while being emotionally manipulated is something that’s going to create nothing than a lot more problems for you in the end.

Respond with Love

This one can be extremely hard as well. But, we are going to assume that you are a person who has spent a certain amount of time observing and analyzing their abuser. By now you have probably realized that you’re dealing with a heavily troubled person.

Use your intelligence and knowledge to benefit yourself in the situation that you’re currently in by paying more attention to what the person is saying and using that to your advantage. Sometimes a little love can go a long way. You didn’t hear it from us.

If Possible Try to Start a Normal Conversation

It’s of great importance for you to try and stop the “argument” by trying to have a normal conversation with the person. Maybe all they need to cool down and come to their senses is just a little conversation to get things going.

Even though many people haven’t been this lucky, it’s definitely important to try to slow and simmer things down by sitting down and having a conversation.

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Good luck!

Humor Is Your Savior

This depends on the situation that you’re currently in. But, if you know that the person is going to respond to humor, you should try settling things down about making a joke about what’s happening.

Even though it might not always work, you should definitely try to slow things down with a joke.

We wish you the best of luck to you on this crazy journey. And please seek guidance if you’re going through serious abuse.

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