Science Claims That Phone-Addicted Parents Alter Their Child’s Development

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The pace of modern living is slowly but surely making us more and more dependent on our technology. We don’t even notice it, but if you put your phone away for an hour, you would probably barely even survive.

The more we are completely won and taken over by technology, the more the new generations will suffer. More and more parents who decide to have children turn to their phones and fail to pay enough attentions to their children. Or when they do it’s so that they can take a photo of them and post it on social media.

Not only is this painful to watch, but is also alters with the development of the children. There is so much research out there talking about how detrimental to the child’s development not being paid enough attention is.

Your child grows thanks to love and affection equally as much as it does from food and the basic physical necessities that we all survive thanks to.

If you find yourself being one of these people who are way too obsessed with their technology, make sure to start making the conscious change so that you can have your family back again.

This is why for today, we have provided you with some tips which will hopefully help you out in achieving this.

Tips to Get off Your Phone

A Limited Screen Time

Even though you’re put in a position where you have to provide your child with a phone, but once they’re at home make sure to keep them preoccupied with different types of activities instead of allowing them to be on their phones all day long.

Instead of forbidding them to do so, try thinking of other activities they can participate in so that they spend less time thinking about their phones.

Forbid Phones While Having a Meal

This can be a tricky one at first, but instead of creating a fuss and endless arguments about it, speak to your child about how much you’d like to spend quality time with them and how important it is to you to spend some time by actually talking to one another.

Think of Fun Activities for Your Family

Once you make the time out of your busy schedule to spend some quality time with your family, try to think of ways that all of you can spend some time and have lots of fun while doing so. Try to combine all of your family’s favorite things to do into one and spend your time doing that instead of just watching a movie at home. It’s going to be very rewarding.

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Spend More Time Outdoors

It’s important to plant the habit inside your child’s mind to feel the need to spend some time outside. Not only is it good for them, but it’s going to be a huge confidence booster once they know how to make their way while outside. At first, they might dread it, but after a little while, you’ll see that they’re actually going to thank you for this.

Good luck!

Comment below telling us what do you do as a family to escape the tech-prison that none of us seems to be able to escape? Share this post so that you can help spread the word as well.

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