Shocking Benefits of Frankincense Oil

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People have used this oil for thousands of years. It is a potent remedy that can treat various ailments. Even in Biblical times, this medicine was immensely popular, and with good reason. Frankincense oil has powerful antiseptic and anti-neurotic properties.

Because of the boswellic acid that it contains, this essential oil has some amazing anti-inflammatory properties as well. Therefore, it can help with inflammation and other diseases and sicknesses. As a result, people use it continuously in many aromatherapies and healing practices.

In its current state, the Frankincense oil, can immensely boost your health and improve your body functions.

Biblical Uses

There is a reason why many people consider this oil to be a miracle potion. The wise men gifted the frankincense to Jesus when he was a baby. Furthermore, according to the Hebrew Bible, this oil was burned in the temple, and people used it in their burial anointings.

In 500 B.C this remedy reached China. The Eastern practitioners were shocked when they realized that this oil can have some exceptional medicinal properties and can increase circulation. As a result, they started cultivating Boswellia trees in the southern parts of China.

6 Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

What makes frankincense oil so captivating aside from its aroma? Well, according to studies the oil has a limited amount of benefits. But, holistic experts claim that even our ancestors knew that frankincense oil is far more beneficial than that.

Here is what this essential oil can offer for your health.

1. Promote Digestion

If you are suffering from indigestion and acidity on a daily basis, you should try this Frankincense oil. It has some potent digestive properties, unlike any other medicine or remedy. Furthermore, it can speed up the secretion of the bile, acids, and gastric juices in the stomach.

Also, it can ease the process of transporting the food through the intestines by stimulating the peristaltic motion. This means that the best way to improve digestion and acidity is to use this essential oil.

2. Soothes Arthritic Pain

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this essential oil can affect the production of the primary inflammatory molecules that might cause arthritis. Therefore, by using Frankincense, you might be able to prevent Arthritis and avoid other problems that are associated with this condition.

To do this and relieve the symptoms of arthritis, apply a few drops (2 or 3 are enough) on the affected area. However, if you have sensitive skin, make sure to dilute the Frankincense with a different oil. Mix it with some coconut oil and apply it directly onto the skin.

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Also, add 5 to 10 drops of it in a warm bath to soothe the joint and muscle pain.

3. Boosts the Immune System

This essential oil has potent antiseptic properties. As such, it can disinfect the body from all the harmful germs from smokes and fumes. In the end, it can filter all the smoke out of the system without any side effects.

Furthermore, you can use it on some wounds to prevent tetanus and infections. The Frankincense oil is equally good for internal wounds.

4. Prevents Gas Buildup

The ideal way to prevent gas from building inside the body is to get rid of it. Give your intestines some relief from all the stomach pain, aches, and various other problems with indigestion, abnormal sweating, by using this essential oil.

In can be exceptionally beneficial for the abdominal region and can help you sooth all the uneasiness you feel on a daily basis.

5. Useful During Menstruation

The Frankincense oil can help you regulate your menstrual cycles. It can reduce the delays, especially that occur due to menopause. Moreover, this essential oil can help treat various other problems that the PMS can cause.

Such as pain in the abdominal area, fatigue, mood changes, headaches, and nausea. So, if you are someone who regularly suffers from painful menstruations, this is something you should try out.

6. Boosts the Oral Health

Due to its powerful antiseptic properties, the essential oil can help prevent toothaches, bad breath, mouth sores, cavities, or various other infections. As such, it can be a great natural remedy for improving your oral health.

Besides, it has an amazing aroma. On top of that, you can use the Frankincense essential oil to create your own mouthwash or toothpaste. To make the toothpaste, mix the oil with some baking soda. And for the mouthwash, mix it with some peppermint oil and water.

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