Cleanse Your Lungs from Nicotine with This Technique

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If you have been smoking for a very long time, your lungs are full of nicotine. Of course, everyone knows how harmful it can be. Nicotine and tar can increase the chance of developing various health problems, like lung cancer, and heart diseases.

Therefore, it is the best idea to repair some of the damage your cigars have caused. Your lungs will thank you for it. Firstly, it is important to state the obvious. Try to quit smoking. This is the best and ideal way of removing all the tar and nicotine in the lungs.

But, if you can’t do that, you should focus on a less permanent solution.

Lung Cleanser

Even if you don’t want to quit smoking, there are a few things you can do to cleanse your lungs. First try to drink more tea from orange, ginger, red onions, onions, pine needles or nettle, and corn. Whatever tea you pick, you should know that it can have some amazing benefits.

But, to succeed, you must purchase organic materials. Otherwise, your efforts will be in vain. Furthermore, you must implement new changes to your diet. Make sure to eat healthy foods and a lot of fish and sheep.

These foods contain a lot of selenium which can strengthen the lungs. Also, don’t forget to add eggs to your regular diet along with some sweet corn, onions, oats, and garlic. Eating healthy is the key to regulating your health and improving your metabolism.

Foods to Eat

A healthy diet is immensely important. You should pay attention to what you eat and how much you eat it. Here are the foods you can eat if you want to cleanse your lungs from all the nicotine and tar.


These fruits are a great source of cryptoxanthin. As a result, they can slightly reduce the chance of developing lung cancer.


Corn contains vitamin A and a potent antioxidant known as beta-cryptoxanthin. But, it is important to point out that the genetically modified corn doesn’t have the same effects as the organic one. So, make sure to purchase the freshest produce.


People have used ginger for centuries due to its powerful medicinal properties. Therefore, make sure to consume it as tea if you want to strengthen your lungs and open the airways.

Pine Needle Tea

This traditional tea has many uses. It has potent antiseptic properties which can help remove all the tar and nicotine in the lungs.

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The best natural antibiotics are onions. They are great for avoiding various diseases and ailments that can harm your health.


The nettle is crucial for preventing infections. Also, it contains a great amount of iron which can be immensely beneficial for the overall health.

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