The Long Hidden Secret Behind Aspartame Exposed

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Aspartame is a word that you have probably heard many times and you probably know what it is. In case you do research on Google, you will find hundreds of articles, studies and other materials explaining its effects.

But, what we would like to do is to reveal information about the safety of aspartame use. Namely, there are many people who claim that aspartame is harmless. They also point out that if it was dangerous, the government, medical specialists, and doctors would’ve told us.

The sad truth is that certain groups have been spreading the fake news about the safety of aspartame use. They certainly didn’t want to lose their profit and that’s why they have created this news.

Aspartame was designed by G.D. Searle a well-known pharmaceutical company. However, they didn’t find a way to get FDA approval for their discovery because the lab monkeys and mice in the research witnessed the emergence of brain lesions, tumors, seizures, and fatalities. Nevertheless, they kept talking how useful and safe their product was.

After 16 years of spreading incorrect information, the FDA decided to ask the Department of Justice to file a lawsuit against G.D. Searle for providing fake test data with one simple reason – to get FDA approval for aspartame. According to Dr. Adrian Gross, a leading FDA toxicologist, there is no doubt that aspartame activates brain tumors.

In addition, the National Soft Drink Association reported that aspartame is unsafe and banned its use in carbonated beverages. They said that this is an unstable compound especially in a liquid form that can lead to the creation of different harmful structures including formaldehyde.

About 32 years ago, G.D. Searle became the property of Monsanto and the famous NutraSweet Company which was actually a subsidiary of Monsanto which was later sold to J.W. Childs Equity Partners.

Over this period of time, the FDA was able to identify more than 90 symptoms related to the use of aspartame like deafness, weight gain, dizziness, blindness, nausea, and death. Yet, this compound is still used today.

The Aspartame Resource Center claims that aspartame is part of more than 6,000 products sold around the globe. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that this center is supported by Ajinomoto, one of the most successful manufacturers of aspartame. The other one is NutraSweet Company.

The official website of Aspartame Resource Center provides safety information about aspartame. In order to make it look more professional, they have included a list of doctors that stand behind their research.

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If you take a closer look at this section you will notice that the center points out that they have an Expert Medical Advisory Board that was created to support their communication with a health professional as well as with ordinary individuals and organizations. Their main objective is to highlight aspartame safety and benefits.

The members of the board are offering counsel on nutrition and medicine and insight on things that can help healthcare professionals do their job in a proper way. These members are displayed as experts in different fields of science and medicine.

Finally, the Aspartame Resource Center also claims that by checking the list of ingredients of any product, you will know whether the product has aspartame in it or not because this is an FDA requirement.

But, keep in mind that even though they have not mentioned this, the ingredient list of many products includes phenylalanine. This compound includes aspartame.

So, you must be very careful because aspartame can be part of products that you would have never guessed that they contain this compound like liquid antibiotics or vitamins for example.
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