Keep Your Smartphone out of Your Bathroom! You Will Never Believe Why

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With the way modern age is functioning today, we have developed the habit of taking our smartphones with us everywhere.

We all know that our phones are filled with germs because we take them with us everywhere we go, but did you know that by taking your phone to the toilet with you-you’re actually exposing yourself to diseases like salmonella, E. Coli, and other harmful bacteria?

Hygiene experts are claiming that picking up your phone right after finishing your business in the toilet without washing your hands is extremely dangerous. Washing your hands serves as extreme prevention of various diseases. Sometimes that’s all that it takes to protect yourself from potential harm.

Washing your hands after picking up your phone is basically something that’s pointless and unnecessary since you’re just going to pick up your phone again and move on.

It’s really important not to forget not to touch your phone after you’re completely done with the bathroom.

Get Rid of Your Phone When Going to the Toilet

Experts are claiming that it’s best to just forget about your phone when you need to go to the toilet. Why would you want to risk getting such diseases for the sake of scrolling down your social media’ timelines?

The risk of developing a disease varies from toilet to toilet. For example, if we’re talking about a small office, it’s not as dangerous. But, if you’re working for a huge firm, a hospital or even a cruise ship, you need to take serious care for your health in spaces like that. And this is not only about toilets – you need to take serious care for your hygiene.

Keep your toothbrush away from the toilet seat! Once flushing bacteria can fly up to six feet. Even though most common viruses transmit through touching someone’s hands, it’s not the only way as well. Keep your phone away from the toilet paper or any shelf where hygiene products are as well.

Bacteria Loves Warm Spaces

Germs can survive on your screen for days and this is because your smartphone is a warm device that rarely cools down because of us upsetting their processers with our constant usage. They loves warmth and its thanks to warmth that they reproduce.

This is why you should absolutely always keep your phone as clean as you possibly can! Get some anti-bacterial wet wipes and clean it at least once a day before you go to bed. Avoid using it in the bathroom, but if you have to, just make sure to clean it as well afterward. Keeping yourself clean is a lifestyle that we should all look up to.

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