20+ Things That Happen When you Drink Water Right After You Get Out of Bed

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Drinking water is important but when you drink it also matters. Most people do not know this but if you drink water when you first get out of bed, before anything else you are reaping some serious benefits.

Below you will find a list of things that can and will happen to your body once you begin drinking water first thing in the morning. No, you don’t have to drink several glasses at a time but just one tall glass can make a huge difference in how you begin your day.

Some of these things you will notice right away and others you may not notice until you have been doing this for awhile. It is important that we do what we can to take care of our bodies and drinking water is one of the easiest ways to put in steps towards becoming as healthy as you may want to be.

20+ Things That Happen When you Drink Water Right After You Get Out of Bed:

1. You become more ‘hungry.’

Breakfast is the most important meal, right? Well, the thing that sucks about breakfast is that most of us are not hungry when we first wake up. We get to work and then become hungry, right? Drinking water when you first wake up can help with that. If you chug a nice glass and then get ready, you will most likely want something to eat before you head out.

2. You begin flushing your bowels.

When you drink more water your bowels will begin to work more effectively. If you drink one glass each morning when you get up you will begin regulating your bowels and work to ensure they are doing their job. This will help prevent any kind of build up.

3. You begin cleansing your colon.

Yes, drinking water can and will help you to cleanse your colon. Drinking a glass on an empty stomach is more than enough to kick things into gear. It will also help you to absorb nutrients faster.

4. You have fewer headaches.

We often get headaches when we are not hydrated properly. Drinking water ensures that our bodies are getting what they need. One glass in the morning is enough to help keep you headache free throughout most of your day, that being said there are other causes of headaches and if yours persist you should see a doctor.

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5. Your body starts releasing toxins more.

When we use the bathroom we are expelling toxins. Because you are drinking water before anything else you will be using the restroom a bit more. This helps detox your body.

6. You gain energy.

When we are feeling sluggish sometimes it is from dehydration. Keeping your body hydrated will give you lots more energy as your body is getting the things it needs. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it makes a huge difference to most.

7. You are boosting your immune system.

Your immune system is very important. If you want it working properly you have to pay attention to your water intake as well as several other things. This will help you to fight off sickness.

8. Your skin benefits greatly.

Your complexion will become more clear and you will be fighting off wrinkles. Wrinkles and dehydration go hand in hand. The more water you drink the healthier your skin will be.

9. You are boosting weight loss.

Drinking the right amount of water will help you lose pounds a lot more easily than you think. Water has no calories so don’t worry about how much you drink. Flush out those toxins and let your body burn off calories the right way.

10. You are promoting fluid balance.

Our bodies are made up mostly of water, and we need water to survive. Ensuring you are not dehydrated or becoming dehydrated is extremely important, I cannot stress this enough.

11. You are helping reduce ‘tiredness.’

When you are drinking the right amount of water and adding it to your morning routine you will become more alert. Your body does great things when it is getting what it needs. You will notice a difference quick.

12. You are preventing pain on a small scale.

Muscle cramps can occur because of dehydration as well. Paying attention to your body is crucial. If you are aching you should consider whether or not you are getting enough water. You are usually more dehydrated in the mornings so it only makes sense to drink water when you wake up.

13. You are helping to speed up your metabolism.

When we drink water in the mornings we are basically kick-starting our metabolism. While it does make us a bit more hungry it also gets our body going. You won’t have to worry so much.

14. You are feeding your muscles.

Our muscles need water! The more water they lose the more tired they become. It is especially important for people who workout to keep hydrated.

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15. You are boosting your brain.

Our brains contain a lot of water. When we drink water in the morning we are also giving our brains a bit of extra ‘oomph.’ Kickstarting things in the best way.

16. You are fighting off congestion.

If you are feeling congested water can help. Drinking fluids have been able to help many through colds and other health issues.

17. You are promoting healthy hair.

Water makes your hair healthier and allows it to grow faster. The more water you drink the more nutrients your hair is receiving. If you are not getting enough fluids your hair may become thin and dull.

18. You are helping to prevent kidney stones.

Our kidney’s do a lot more than we think they do. They process amount 200 quarts of blood each and every day. If they aren’t getting enough fluids they won’t be doing their job properly and we will suffer as a result of it. Water can even dilute the acid that triggers kidney stones.

19. You are helping to prevent bladder infections.

Drinking water in the morning is going to help ensure your bladder is working properly as well. While this may sound a bit crazy it really does make a difference. You should definitely drink more water.

20. You are helping your body to avoid heartburn and indigestion.

These things happen when we have a bit too much acidity in the stomach. When we drink water on an empty stomach we are able to push these acids down and dilute them. This helps your stomach in a lot of ways and helps reduce discomfort.

21. You are aiding your body when it comes to blood production.

This also stimulates your red blood cells and makes them grow faster. The more red blood cells you have going the more oxygen you have in your blood. This will be very beneficial to you.


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