Discover What It Means to Have a Mole on These 7 Points of Your Body

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Every person out there has at least one mole on their body. Some people don’t even ever notice that they do. It’s that normal.

Moles come in different shapes and sizes, but we guarantee that you didn’t know that having moles on specific places of your body comes with a certain meaning. These readings behind where you have a mole can tell you things about things such as your personality.

If interested in finding out more, read below.


Having a mole (or three) on your cheekbone is actually one of the most common places where you can have a mole. This position indicates that you are lucky finance and career-wise.


Having a mole on your feet indicates that you have a love for traveling. You are a person who loves to experience life and live it to the fullest. Even traveling alone excites you. You also have luck career-wise and are a natural born team leader.


If you have a mole around or between your eyebrows it means that you are quite developed in the department that is your career. You are a quite success driven and stable person.

The Palms of Your Hand

If you have a mole on one of the palms of your hand, you are quite set finance wise. You are lucky in the love department and will most likely have a great settling down with a loving partner. Like the one above, you are quite the leader, and that is one of the things that makes you most successful.

Upper Lip

Having a mole on your upper lip indicates that you are quite the social butterfly. You have incredible communication skills, have a great social circle around you, and are quite famous, to say the least. Another interesting thing about you is that you have a great sense of fashion as well.

The Temple

Having a mole on the temple means that you get lots of opportunities to travel. Even though you enjoy an adventure, you are only well-traveled thanks to your job position.

Between Your Eyes and Eyebrows

This is quite a rare place to find a mole, but if you are the lucky one, you are a great leader and can adapt easily in most situations life throws you. This is what makes you successful.

Did you find out more about you thanks to locating that one specific mole on your body? Share your discovery with us by commenting below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends as well.

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