Woman Cures Terminal Cancer with Cannabis

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Many people struggle to find the perfect medicine for terminal lung cancer. Well, according to this Australian lady, the medicine is closer than you think.

She admits to using cannabis oil to treat even the most untreatable disease. However, it can be a problem for some people if they live in a nation that doesn’t allow medical marijuana. Of course, many nations don’t, and Australia is one of them.

Luckily, there is a way to obtain medical marijuana. It took this lady quite a long time and persistence to find a way to get the cannabis.

The one who suggested this medicine to her was her daughter. When her daughter found out about the deadly disease that left her mother with 6 months to live, she had no choice. She started looking into things that could prove useful.


The results were outstanding. Within 3 months the mother was able to cure stage 4 lung cancer with this unique technique. Plus, she even wanted to share her success with the public and posted her own YouTube testimonial.

Her idea was to inspire people never to give up. To show them that there is still a way. Courageous, isn’t it? Even though cannabis is illegal to purchase in Australia, we can see from the video that the woman lives comfortably in the middle class.

This gives people hope that there is a way to get the cannabis without having to spend a fortune. Moreover, the woman did share her experience but wanted to keep her name a secret for protection. And we are going to honor that.

Discovery and Recovery

At the beginning of 2014, the mother was diagnosed with small cell lung carcinoma after getting a biopsy. Doctors told her that it was terminal. Also, they claimed that not even radiation therapy could prolong her life with a good quality of life.

She and her family were devastated. But, that didn’t stop them from reaching to the public. They joined a couple of cannabis groups in the USA to gather all the information they will need. Furthermore, they needed to learn how to make the oil and properly use it.

However, simply consuming the cannabis oil is not enough. It has to be high in THC to even stand a chance against cancer. Which means that she had stay close to the standard of taking one gram per day. This was an overwhelming information of THC for her.

In the end, the family came up with a solution. They mixed half a gram of cannabis and half a gram of coconut oil into a syringe. The mother inserted the syringe rectally and squeezed the total amount two times per day.

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As a result, the mother was able to get the necessary amount of THC to meet with the one gram per day standard without getting any psychotropic affects or smoking the cannabis.

Professional Opinion

According to Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, the writer of the book The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils, this method is the best treatment for lung issues. Since the body directly absorbs the essential oils, they can help regulate the lung and heart circulatory system without affecting the liver.

Moreover, they can reach the lower bronchial capillaries in their volatile state and eliminate the mucus and pathogenic microorganisms.

Lastly, here is the video to watch the YouTube testimonial of this Australian woman and the way her treatment worked.

Here is a video that shows how you can make the oil.

What do you think? Can cannabis oil have such amazing results? If it can, should every state allow it to be distributed? Let us know in the COMMENTS and SHARE this post with family and friends.

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