1 Simple Recipe That will Help You Get Rid of Anxiety and Headaches

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If you want to lift up your mood or use a natural analgesic, you can’t go wrong with lavender.

This incredible plant can provide great results in cases of chronic and/or painful headaches. Many people have confirmed that is very helpful in cases of tension and stress headaches. The calming smell will relax all your senses.

Lavender essential oil is an excellent option for headaches because this health problem is usually triggered by dehydration, stress, and tension.

Lavender is a great aromatic herb capable of calming all the senses. This plant comes with a specific structure and delivers a wide range of health benefits. It provides powerful hypotensive, antibacterial, sedative, detoxifying, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and antiseptic effects.

Researchers from Florida have confirmed that it soothes anxiety, and the essential oil obtained from lavender delivers powerful medicinal effects including reduction of anxiety and pulse rates in nursing students when they are under heavy pressure (exams period). Lavender essential oil can address sinus problems, depression and hangovers too.

In this article, we will highlight a natural remedy that can treat headaches quickly. It relies on lemonade and lavender.

Lavender Essential Oil and Lemonade Mixture

Things you’ll need:
  • Lemon juice from six lemons
  • One drop of lavender essential oil
  • Twelve cups of water
  • One cup of raw honey

Take all the ingredients and mix them in a saucepan. Cool down the mixture and pour some water or honey. After that, cover the saucepan and leave it like that for 60 minutes.

The lavender lemonade recipe can help people heal persistent and painful headaches and bring back balance.

In addition, feel free to diffuse twelve drops of lavender oil in the air in your home or office in order to soothe stress. You can add six drops of this oil to your hot bath too.

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