After 9 Years of Research, the Link Between Sugar and Cancer Finally Revealed

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Scientists have been wondering if there is a connection between sugar and cancer. But, for years they haven’t been able to prove anything. Yet, they strongly believed that the amount of sugar you consume, can, in fact, make the cancer cells grow more quickly.

Scientists base their claims on the belief that the cancer cells feed on sugar.

However, many researchers had different opinions on the matter. Furthermore, there is some proof that if you consume too much sugar, you can increase the chance of developing cancer, including esophageal cancer.

Therefore, people should avoid gaining weight from overeating and consuming too much sugar. But, they also should avoid developing diabetes or obesity, since they can also increase the chance of cancer.

Findings of 9 Years of Research

VUB, VIB, and KU Leuven conducted this research. They recently came up with the latest breakthrough in cancer research that might help understand and clarify this disease.

More accurately, they focused on the Warburg effect, which is a phenomenon in which the cancer cells quickly break down the sugars and make the tumors grow rapidly.

The project that started in 2008 was issued in the academic journal Nature Communications. Researchers focused on how the sugar affects the tumors and the healthy tissues. Until now, they were unable to find a solution or a cause.

However, with this new breakthrough, the evidence seems reassuring.

In addition, scientists managed to connect sugar with the cancer cells and tumors. According to a professor Johan Thevelein, the project reveals that if a person consumes an excessive amount of sugars, the cancer cells can stimulate the development and rapid growth of cancer.

Thus, we might be able to understand the connection between the power of the Warburg effect and the aggressive tumors. After all, the main role of Raw proteins is to control and stabilize cancer growth. So, if the genes mutate, then they won’t be able to achieve their goal.

Therefore, researchers turned to something else as proof. In addition, they used yeast in their research, to find the connection between the excessive consumption of sugars and the Ras proteins.

As professor Thevelein claims, the regulations of the mechanism on the mammalian cells didn’t affect the research. As a result, the research was able to continue with their progress.

Final Thoughts

These findings might be beneficial for further research. After all, it is important to know where to start and what to focus on. Even if there might be a connection between cancer and sugar, that doesn’t mean that it will affect medicine.

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There is still need for further testing and studies to confirm new ways of effective treatment. Whether this research could be the actual breakthrough or not, the question remains.

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Source: IFL Science | Independent | Mother Nature Network

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