Chemotherapy Is Spreading Cancer Instead of Stopping It

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According to Dr. Lee Cowden, the vast majority of people suffering from cancer are not dying from the disease itself, they lose their lives from the adverse effects of the conventional treatment they take. In the recent period, the fight against cancer is evolving and doctors are looking for a more personal approach (precision medicine).

However, in most cases, people are advised to use the old, radical method of cutting, intoxicating and burning cancer with the help of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.

In case you didn’t know, one of the most problematic things about chemotherapy is the fact that it supports toxicity.

Namely, it triggers poisoning of the body in a systematic way in order to weaken and eliminate cancer cells. For many years, experts have warned the public of the possibly fatal consequences of this treatment.

For example, when it comes to breast cancer, patients usually use a chemotherapy drug known as Tamoxifen. This drug might be able to slow down the progress or even reverse breast cancer, but it can also double the chances of developing uterine cancer.

Severe, in some cases fatal adverse effects of chemotherapy are frequent and in the end, patients are usually suffering even more than before they have taken this treatment.

The scientists from the famous Albert Einstein College of Medicine have published a research in the Science Translational Medicine journal in which has suggested that providing standard chemotherapy before a surgery for patients suffering from breast cancer can actually support disease metastasis.

In addition, it can support the spread and growth of the disease to other body parts. To put it simply, women are at greater risk of losing their lives.

There is a High Probability That Chemotherapy Can Actually Make Breast Cancer Situation Worse Than Before

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy or preoperative chemotherapy is usually suggested to women due to the fact that this procedure may be able to reduce tumors which help women avoid full mastectomy and get lumpectomy surgery.

But, the scientists we have mentioned before have conducted tests and experiments on human tissue and lab mice and they have discovered that this practice may also boost the chances of metastasis by improving so-called tumor microenvironments.

Tumor microenvironments of metastasis represent locations found on blood vessels that attract immune cells. In case an immune cell establishes a connection with a tumor cell, these tumor cells will get a chance to travel all over the body. This is how a metastasis is triggered.

So, when lab mice suffering from breast cancer or certain human breast tumors were exposed to chemotherapy, it changed the aforementioned micro environments and turned them into a suitable environment for cancer spread. They did this by:

  • Boosting the number of immune cells that spread cancer cells directly in the blood vessels
  • Turning blood vessels into porous structures that cancer cells can easily penetrate
  • Increasing the mobility of tumor cells

In lab mice, this treatment increased the number of cancer cells found in the lungs and bloodstream for 200%. In addition, twenty human subjects who were taking these conventional chemotherapy drugs have made these tumor micro environments even better for cancer spread.

According to The Telegraph, it’s believed that the toxic and hazardous medication uses a repair mechanism found in the human body which makes the tumors even more aggressive. In addition, it makes the use of blood vessels by cancer cells easier.

Additionally, a group of scientists has published a study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in which they say that neoadjuvant chemotherapy is not able to improve survival in general. They have based this conclusion on the NSABP (National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project B18 trial.

The chances of survival are increased minimally while the risk of cancer metastasis after the treatment is increased significantly.

People Were Aware of the Potential Risks of Chemotherapy for Many Years

For many people, this news that chemotherapy may actually induce cancer spread is shocking, the fact is that this discovery is not something new.

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About five years ago, scientists have discovered that chemotherapy used in the cases of prostate cancer led to damaged DNA in healthy, unaffected cells and made them produce an additional amount of WNT16B, a protein which supports tumor growth and helps cancer cells increase treatment resistance.

According to Dr. Peter Nelson, a participant in this research, when the level of WNT16B in the body is increased, it will start interacting with tumor cells and make them grow, act more aggressively and help them resist chemotherapy.

The same researchers have written for the Nature Medicine journal and pointed out that the activity of this specific protein in the microenvironments in cases of prostate tumor weakened the effects of cytotoxic chemotherapy, supporting the survival of tumor cells and progression of this disease.

So, the truth is that scientific evidence that suggests the effects of chemotherapy can be deadly is piling up, some people have known this for at least 13 years. Namely, back in 2004, a scientific study revealed in Clinical Oncology journal has confirmed that chemotherapy has a very low level of success.

The study was focused on analyzing survival rates in cancer patients for five years and has concluded that the average 5-year survival success rate in patients using chemotherapy is 2.1% in the United States and 2.3% in Australia.

Other studies and scientific research have discovered that over 160 people lost their lives (out of a group of 2000 cancer patients) after just one month of using this treatment. About 8% were directly associated with the effects of chemotherapy.

In addition, as we said before, chemotherapy has the ability to boost the chances of the emergence of new types of cancer like acute myeloid leukemia for example. This is not a very common complication that comes as a result of cytotoxic chemotherapy, but it’s very deadly.

Scientists have concluded that acute myeloid leukemia related to chemotherapy emerges five times more frequently in patients who are using chemotherapy compared to healthy individuals.

Modern Oncologists Avoid Discussion About Alternative Treatments

Once patients are diagnosed with cancer, most of them believe that they have three treatment solutions – radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. It is up to the patient and his doctor to choose a treatment, but what every person must know is that conventional doctors won’t suggest alternative treatment options.

What everyone should know is that oncology is the only medical branch that has the right to sell pharmaceutical drugs (and make a huge profit out of this activity, usually above 50%). Generally speaking, cancer drugs are the most expensive drugs on the market.

It’s good to know that oncologists are getting a commission for every pack of chemo drugs they sell. This is one of the main reasons why many of them are not even trying to look or think about alternative treatments.

Additionally, oncologists are discouraged to look for other answers due to the well-known standard of care policy created by the pharmaceutical industry and the oncology medical boards. In case they try something that is not considered as the standard of care, they can lose their license.

This is the reason why cancer patients usually have to look for alternatives on their own. The good news is that there are some alternative treatments that have proven better results compared to conventional chemotherapy.

Cancer Treatment Options Explained

An inclusive, all-natural cancer-fighting approach is the one that will keep the body healthy relying on detox activities, activities to improve the immune function, changes in the diet and other special activities that will depend on the patient’s condition. Let’s take Annie Brandt as an example.

This woman has been fighting cancer for many years and based on her experience she wrote a book called The Healing Platform – Build Your Own Cure. In this book, she created a list of products that can help people fight metastatic cancer cells. These products include:

  • Intravenous vitamin C
  • Metformin/berberine
  • Burdock root
  • Essiac Tea
  • Curcumin (its active ingredient – turmeric)
  • Sulforaphane (found in cruciferous vegetables)
  • Glucoraphanin
  • Broccoli sprouts
  • Myrosinase
  • Heparin
  • Fish oil
  • Sheep sorrel
  • Slippery elm
  • PectaSol-C (modified citrus pectin)
  • Fermented soy
  • Rhubarb
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The fact is that the number of anticancer products and activities that are ignored by modern medicine is very high. What’s even more interesting is that a huge number of them are compatible with conventional treatments and improve their results.

For example, it was proven that vitamin C mixes with fasting and nutritional ketosis before taking chemotherapy can significantly enhance the final results of chemotherapy.

Turkish oncologists, who are not following the regulations and limitations imposed in the United States, are also utilizing a nutritional ketogenic treatment approach that is providing impressive remissions even in a huge number of stage four patients dealing with different types of cancer.

The treatment created and used at the Turkish ChemoThermia Oncology Center includes:

  • Hyperthermia
  • Chemotherapy that gets supported by the metabolic processes in the body (using chemotherapy with a wide range of intervention to enhance the results)
  • Conventional ketogenic diet supported with phytopharmaceutical supplements
  • Glycolysis blockers, especially DCA (dichloroacetate) and 2-DG (2-deoxyglucose)
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Oncology patients at the aforementioned center are practicing a ketogenic diet. This diet leads to metabolic stress on every cancer cell in the body. After that, before the use of chemotherapy, the patients are performing a 14-hour strict fast which boosts the metabolic stress even more.

Once these activities are done, the patients usually have a blood glucose level of 80 mg/dL. The doctors are using glycolysis blockers after that in order to block the glycolysis pathway in every cancer cell. As a result of that, the body is witnessing a great metabolic stress because the cancer cells lack glucose to thrive and live.

The next move is to apply insulin in order to reduce blood glucose levels to 50-60 milligrams per deciliter. This will lead to mild hypoglycemia. When chemotherapy is applied at this point doctors can use very low doses which mean that the risk of adverse effects is lowered too.

Once the chemotherapy is done, in the following days, doctors use hyperbaric oxygen and hyperthermia therapies. The patients also receive therapies in which they are getting glycolysis blockers on a daily basis. Of course, they are also getting dimethyl sulfoxide or DMSO and 50 grams of vitamin C.

The following is a list of few other effective alternative therapies found in Brandt’s book:

  • AveULTRA (also known as Metatrol), a product based on fermented wheat germ
  • PolyMVA, which is a colloidal mineral structure that is able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and assists the re-nourishment of the body and brain. This product also helps lost nutrients as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Iodine, vitamin D, and selenium because the majority of cancer patients lack these nutrients. You can take up to 200 micrograms of supplements like SelenoExcell on a daily basis. It turns out that selenium is excreted during excess sweating. In addition, selenium boosts glutathione, a metabolic antioxidant needed for proper detoxification of the body. Finally, it supports the conversion of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones which mean that it can help people with thyroid issues too.
  • Colloidal silver, which is a non-toxic antimicrobial therapy that cannot cause toxicity in the system.
  • MCP or modified citrus pectin which has proven to be able to reverse different types of cancer and prevent metastatic cancer. According to Brandt, it is the best idea to use the ecoNugenics brand because it is based on scientific research.
  • Salicinium, which is an extract obtained from a plant that blocks nagalese production. This enzyme is created by cancer cells.

To put it in simple words, there is a wide range of treatments that you can use to heal cancer. Even those who don’t want to eliminate chemotherapy as an option completely should know that some alternative treatments can be used together with conventional chemotherapy for optimal results.

Source: Mercola

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